Make Money OnlineHi! I’m Atif. Thanks for stopping by. This page will tell you about my short story.

My main educational qualifications are BSc Electronics Engineering and MSc Telecommunications Engineering. I’ve worked in corporate sector for about 6 years. During that time I was earning good income but in my heart I was feeling like there is something missing.

In April  2013 I just found out what was missing. It was FREEDOM. Freedom of waking up without an alarm clock. Freedom of enjoying each day just as weekend not just the weekend. Freedom of working when I want, where I want. Freedom of spending all 365 days of a year just as holidays not just 3 weeks. Freedom of giving the best time of my life to my loved ones now and not after the retirement. In short freedom of being MYSELF, a free person and not a puppet of my employer.

To find my freedom I took a bold decision and resigned from my job back in April 2013. I went on holidays for 2 months to refresh myself and when I came back I was feeling completely an Independent Person. From there I started my entrepreneurial journey and learned how to make money work for you 24-7 rather you working for the money whole life.

Personal development that I’ve achieved in last 3 years is way more than what I achieved in all the years I spent in Schools, Colleges and University.  And guess what in these 3 years being an Entrepreneur I’ve even earned more than what I earned in 6 years being an employee. Now I have multiple streams of passive income and that gives me both Financial & Time Freedom.

If I look back now that seems like I was an eagle in the cage but now I can fly as high as I wish. I feel like I was a lion behind the bars but now I can hunt success everywhere. And I believe everyone would feel the same if they get an opportunity to taste the Freedom.

That’s why my mission is to help as many people as I can so they can have multiple streams of income and enjoy their Financial & Time Freedom.