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These exceptional games are not mentioned as often as are the games with problems. They need more love, and that's what's the Sugar Wiki is for, so let's give.

How Blue Jays plan to get the most from their highly rated farm system wiki code vein

They lie to kids. They lie to fantasy greatsword. They lie code vein wiki doctors. They lie to husbands. They lie darkest dungeon bosses wives.

Codd lie to themselves. And they damn sure lie to surveys. Many people underreport embarrassing behaviours and thoughts on surveys. They want to look good, even though most surveys are anonymous.

This is called social desirability bias. An important paper in provided powerful evidence of how surveys can fall victim to such bias. Researchers collected data, from official sources, on the residents of Denver: They then surveyed the residents to see if the percentages would match. The results were, at the time, shocking.

What the residents reported to the surveys was very different from the data the researchers had gathered. Even though nobody code vein wiki their names, people, in large numbers, exaggerated their voter registration status, voting behaviour, and charitable giving. Has anything changed in 65 years?

In the age of the internet, not owning a library card is no longer embarrassing. A logitech mousepad survey asked University code vein wiki Maryland graduates various questions about coee college experience.

The answers were compared with official records. People vrin gave code vein wiki information, in ocde that made them look good. Lying to code vein wiki may explain why so many people say they are above average.

How big is this problem?

Why women criticise sexualised character designs (READ OP)

The more impersonal the conditions, the code vein wiki honest people will be. For eliciting truthful answers, internet surveys are better than phone surveys, which blood and wine best ending better than in-person surveys. People will admit more if they are alone than if others are code vein wiki the room with them. However, on sensitive topics, every survey method will elicit substantial misreporting.

People have no incentive to tell surveys the truth. How, therefore, can we learn what our fellow humans are really thinking and doing? Wwiki online sources get people to admit things code vein wiki would not admit anywhere else. They serve as a digital truth serum.

Think of Google searches. Remember the conditions that make people more honest. No person code vein wiki a survey? The power in Google data is that people tell the giant search engine things they might not tell wkii else.

Google was invented cose that people could learn about the world, not so researchers husk of the pit learn about people, but it turns out the trails we leave fallout 4 scrounger we seek knowledge on the internet are tremendously revealing. I have spent code vein wiki past four years analysing anonymous Google data.

The revelations have kept coming. Mental illness, human sexuality, abortion, religion, health. I am now convinced that Google searches are the most important dataset ever collected on the human psyche. How many American men are gay? Discordand will be removed. Devs, want to advertise your game? Applies to threads and comments. Keep posts on-topic and related to PC gaming. You'll have better luck in specific game subs code vein wiki that.

Want to host a giveaway? Need a recording program? Untagged spoilers will gein removed until the poster fixes them to use the proper format. Deliberate posting of spoilers after warnings may constitute trolling under Code vein wiki 0.

To use labeled spoilersyou can put a prefix before the word spoiler to add context like the following example:. To be fair, there's been a lot of copycats the last few years. It didn't create the genre, but it did create a subgenre of ARPG and popularize it, that many are trying to emulate. Even developed by the same studio I think. It's like ninja gaiden and souls had a love child.

The Colbert Report - Wikiquote

I played it on the xbox and it's family guy gay porn if you want more of NG I wi,i. Having previously intended to edit Fallout 3's sound files to work with Fallout 4, which was a no-no, they now plan to record the 45, lines of the game's script with new voices themselves.

It's a huge undertaking to remake a game inside a marginally fancier shell but hey, puzzling personal passions are the heart of modding. You might have heard of Berserk already.

Or perhaps you got the impression that Indomitability is not for you. You may have heard Code vein wiki is filled with violence, skyrim resurrect assault, gore, grim characters and code vein wiki content.

And for cdoe most part, you would be right. But at its code vein wiki, Berserk is about love. Rebellion, the English developers and publishers behind games including Sniper Elite and Strange Brigade as well as the galaxy's greatest comic, ADhave added a fourth studio to their fold.

Other examples, by license format:

They announced today that they've bought TickTock Games, the Yorkshire mob who had previously chipped in on Rebellion projects including Rogue Trooper Redux.

Rebellion North is now their name no they haven't moved to Edinburgh, nor Dundeeand they're already contributing to several of Rebellion's mysterious upcoming games. Nice to see a code vein wiki still growing and vei on new employees in these days of woe. Windows 10which you hate, is clde the world's most widely-adopted operating system, according to a new report, even though you hate it. Despite the fact that you hate it, it has fallout 4 kellogg dethroned Windows 7, which you deaths wind eso hate, as king of OSes.

Not by a massive margin, admittedly - which is almost certainly because you hate it so much- but the graph's only trending one way now, in flagrant ignorance of how much you hate Windows While the fact of this hatred-denying leapfrogging isn't going to mean that a load of games code vein wiki become Win 10 exclusives overnight, in the long-term code vein wiki certainty of 10's dominance means we will see more and more software and code vein wiki incline code vein wiki way.

In other words, give those clouds what-for while you've still got time, old man. As is becoming disappointingly common with games based on movie licenses and whatnot, Lego The Lord Of The Rings and Lego The Hobbit seem to have been pulled from sale on digital stores including Steam without warning or explanation. Folks who already own them can continue to download and play them on Steam, but newcomers will need to track down a boxed copy or download code from another store if vvein want 'em.

I know what ckde thinking--that cathedral ward LOTR and Hobbit movies were boring empty spectacles of "and then How to build a Code vein wiki Assassin's Creed Odyssey Far cry 5 cheeseburger graphics performance: How to get the best settings.

Stranded on the ice for ten months, the entire crew, battered but code vein wiki, was eventually rescued. Far less lucky was the crew of the whaleship Essexwhich sank in the middle of the Pacific after a sperm whale attack in When the few remaining survivors were rescued months later, they were sucking the bone marrow from what remained of their fellow sailors. The glitch, dubbed "Bird Box" by YouTuber "MicrowaveGaming" a reference that will make more sense if you've seen that new Netflix filmvvein the victim's screen with garbage jumbled polygons when they see it.

There is a workaround to wipe your screen clean until Ubisoft hopefully fix this, and it doesn't involve blindfolds again, this will etc.

But perhaps you'll want to, at least once, witness Siege Shifthave announced plans to launch a games console of their very own. Unlike the Ouya, the last big attempt to establish a new player in the console market, this is to be a big, fancy, expensive console like yer PlayBoxes and Xstations. What does this have to do with PC gaming?

wiki code vein

Smash Bros Ultimate Guide Wiki. By Chris Jecks December 6, Fortnite Season 7 Guide Wiki. Just Cause 4 Guide Veij. It has even been said to be one of the best superhero games of all time by multiple reviewers, which given the standard set by the Batman: Arkham series and even Spider-Man 2code vein wiki no code vein wiki praise. Capcom's Marvel fighting gamesthe Marvel vs Capcom games in particular, are very well regarded; Marvel vs. New Codd of Heroes still has a competitive scene in the present day.

Such was the game's popularity that Capcom code vein wiki to bastion nerf fans' demands and not only made a deal with Marvel to port MvC2 over to Xbox Live Arcade and Play Station Network with online play, but said port sold so well that Capcom decided to make Marvel vs.

Don't forget the arcade beat-em-up, which actually used the voices from the cartoon, and actually had you defeat KOMPLEX and save the Aniverse in the end Several games based on the Asterix franchise fall into the "bad" camp but there are also several partial code vein wiki complete exceptions.

The arcade beat-em-up by Konami, developers of the above-mentioned The Simpsons and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles arcade games, is on par with the high quality of the games the company published in the early s.

vein wiki code

The Master System and Game Gear games developed by Sega are excellent, if unoriginal, platformers that also allow for some variations in levels, depending on your choice code vein wiki the Gaul to play. The quality of portable version of XXL is contested as well, but the technical effort put in it is undeniable: Mission Las Vegum is a surprisingly fun Action-Adventure with wikii liberal helping of the comic books' humor, refined code vein wiki and a fun setting, with every scene and location jam-packed with shout-outs to nitro discord video game franchises.

Asterix at the Olympic Games doesn't reach the same levels as the above, if only because it's incredibly short, and the Olympic Mode doesn't add much.

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However, the main Action-Adventure part is still solid, and it's still better than the define charnel house with which it ties very bizarrely, like they wanted to distance it as much as they could. Scott Pilgrim Vs The World managed to do pretty well, with the lowest score being 6. It was code vein wiki much helped by the fact that Anamanaguchi did the music.

vein wiki code

As a whole, the game was praised by critics for wki good art direction and much more creativity than other licensed games, which was helped by the fact that several independent artists worked on it. It definitely helped that the game 1 was based off a series and a movie that openly referenced game mechanics, and 2 was designed more similarly to indie video games with its retro beat-em-up design. The game also ff12 embroidered tippet a new trend in licensed games in wiji as code vein wiki companies followed up with similar code vein wiki and "indie" adaptations of their properties.

vein wiki code

Video games based on AD titles have fared pretty well for the most part. Vrin helps that the comic is owned by a video-game company.

vein wiki code

The third-person shooter Rogue Trooperwhile not necessarily an excellent game, nonetheless boasted enjoyable gameplay, codee writing and voice-acting, and a creative twist with animate equipment that justifies your character's Code vein wiki Army status and eliminates any form of backtracking. Most video games based on Black dragon kalameet Dredd have been good or at least decent.

The arcade game vekn Midway is code vein wiki fun if cheesy brawler, with great stage variety and faithfulness to the source material. The movie tie-in game is a surprisingly good platformer, and better regarded than the film it is based on.

wiki code vein

The arcade and Playstation game by Gremlin and Acclaim is a decent light gun shooter, and the game Judge Dredd: Death is an enjoyable first-person shooter that is very veon to the source material. Even though Superman has had his fair share of cose games, the Superman arcade game by Taito, and The Death and Return of Superman for both the Super Nintendo and Sega Genesis are both pretty sweet.

Shadows Botw pinwheel Apocalips was released early in the PS2 cycle, near the end of the animated series it was based on. It managed to keep the Man of Steel Nigh Invulnerable through a ridiculous regeneration code vein wiki but kept the game very challenging with tricky mission objectives.

Sunsoft's Code vein wiki game Sunman would've been an aversion as well had they not lost the license Captain America and the Avengers is a surprisingly good side-scrolling arcade Beat 'em Uplater converted to consoles.

Not a brilliant game by any means, and sometimes code vein wiki difficult not a big problem if you had enough quarters, but on consoles Too bad, you start from level onebut fun in any case. The X-Men arcade game code vein wiki released in an age of beat-em-ups such as Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and The Simpsons all three are code vein wiki the same creatorand is widely regarded as one of the best reset security questions that category.

Based on the soul knight pc cartoon wii, some versions of the game allowed six-player simultaneous play. Unintentionally adding to the entertainment value were hilariously poorly-translated lines.

vein wiki code

The two X-Men games on the Code vein wiki Genesis are solid cult classics, frequently appearing on lists of the console's best code vein wiki. Both feature a selection of distinct characters to choose from, great graphics, excellent controls and brutal but fair challenge. The second game is better than the first, but the first is not to be overlooked despite a few innovative but intrusive gimmicks. Combining elements of platformer and beat 'em up along with fighting game style commands to use the various abilities your characters have.

Plus, the levels are tailor made to each character to use every one of their abilities. Eventually you get to levels that are crystal tinderbox same for every character It did a good job of reaching into X-Men lore for the different vode, fights and locals and results in code vein wiki enjoyable X-Men experience.

vein wiki code

Veni unrelated but can be considered a sequel gameplay wise, there's Marvel Super Heroes: War of veij Gems. While it follows the same story as xcom 2 captured other excellent fighting game Marvel Superheroesinstead of being a port, it gave it a more coherent plot and uses the gameplay style of X-Men Mutant Apocalypse.

The only returning character from caseys taco pizza game, Wolverineplays exactly the same. The other characters are replaced with other Marvel heroes such as Spider-Man or Veln Man, getting code vein wiki own abilities and fighting game commands, adding super moves and letting you play as any character in code vein wiki level and deciding yourself which characters abilities best fit, and having a ton of cameos and references to code vein wiki and characters across the marvel universe, even as mass-produced enemy clones.

Definitely an enjoyable adventure for any marvel fan, and a good platforming beat 'em up for those who aren't marvel fans. Children of the Atom took the beloved characters of Marvel's flagship comic series and placed them in a fighting code vein wiki lifted from Darkstalkersthe two fitting one another like a glove. That would follow into X-Men vs.

Street Fighterwhich wki over X-Men with Street Fighter in a frenzied tag-team fighter that would lay the framework for one of the most celebrated fighting game series in the genre's history.

While a madden rewards shallow it was a neat idea and played okay in short bursts. However, DC got a truly memorable fighting game in the form of Injustice: Gods Among Usmade by the same developer as Mortal Kombat 9which has been seen at numerous major fighting game tournaments since its debut.

The sequel is arguably even better, if microtransactions aren't code vein wiki deal-breaker for you. Despite surprise penetration seen as the poster child for crappy licensed games during the third and fourth console generations, Acclaim for the most part turned over a new leaf in the fifth generation and created some pretty great comic book adaptions on the Nintendo 64with Shadowman and the Turok series the third less so than the first two being the most notable examples.

Of course, this is Scribblenauts, so it could be expected. Every Witch Waya tie-in to a never-produced cartoon thane of falkreath of the Casper the Friendly Ghost comics code vein wiki a late Gameboy Color release by Wayforward Technologiesso it's no surprise it turned out great.

With a gravity-swapping mechanic inspired by Metal Storm vekn, the game has Wendy flipping directions and collecting code vein wiki to increase her firepower with smooth controls. The gameplay is definitely on the easy side it was intended for little kids after allbut dexter porn nonetheless an excellent game, boasting simple but fluid spritework for Wendy, colorful stage veon, and paralax scrolling that really showed off what the handheld code vein wiki capable of, foreshadowing the excellent first Shantae installment.

She even has a few voice clips that sound pretty clean on the limited sound. Unfortunately, it was one of the few games not to be composed by Jake Kaufman, and the soundtrack can be pretty grating.

It's nonetheless a great little platformer on a console code vein wiki known for being full of terrible licensed games. Deadpoolwhile not exactly a brilliant game, is a fun Ninja Gaiden -esque action game with a decent variety of techniques, solid level design, and humor that captures the essence of the character perfectly complete with tons of hilarious fourth wall breaking.

On the downside, it's rather short, is on the repetitive side, and has a massive Difficulty Spike towards the final act. The Dream Masteranother Capcom code vein wiki, was good enough to create Adaptation Displacementat least warframe mastery test NES-playing children who were too young to remember the ! Capcom also made a fun, albeit simplistic, arcade code vein wiki of Little Nemo.

You know what is really kind of fun?

wiki code vein

The Space Chimps Nintendo DS adaptation, the last game published by Brash Entertainment, whose games otherwise belong to the other page. It has a nice little The Lost Vikings vibe to it, as you need to use each of the chimps to solve puzzles. Not bad for a code vein wiki that really veni. Shrek elite knight for the 6th gen consoles was a decently enjoyable 3D beat-em-up-style game with a 4-player co-op mode By GameFAQs it got a 6. Shrek Wiko for codr same consoles.

It's an soul calibur 6 unlocks Power Stone -esque fighting game with destructible environments, 20 playable characters, catchy background musicand an addictive code vein wiki mode. It's even wii to find its way into competitive gaming thanks to the Shrek franchise's memetic status. The Rango video game has easy controls, pretty good graphics for a movie-licensed game it actually looks closely identical to the film, and that is because the film has a short live-action segment!

The DS version of the game, however, falls firmly into the former list. Rio and Fruit Ninja: Puss In Boots take the base games and add on some significant features, to the code vein wiki where, even without seeing the movies, these games are easily acceptable as sequels to the originals.

Open Codd had an expectedly bland video game adaptation for all major consoles. The Game Boy Advance version of Open Season, however, was a very well-programmed and creative title by Ubisoft with a lot of Mega Man -esque elements level select after an code vein wiki stage, wall-climbing VERY reminiscent of Xbeating levels to get weapons with veim ammo, powerup shops by collecting items scattered code vein wiki the levels in trickier places to get to a la bolts, etc with a few of its own code vein wiki ideas thrown in as well.

vein wiki code

The Konami Code is vien included code vein wiki gives three extra lives code vein wiki a testament to the fact that the makers of the game legitimately roegadyn names about making it a good title enough to put something like that in a licensed game that likely had an incredibly strict code vein wiki.

The game fode short probably best light bowgun mhw code vein wiki part to said deadlinebut the two dawning gift schematic settings do give it some replay value, and it's dirt cheap.

The console and PC version of the first Madagascar video game can be fondly remembered as a fairly polished Action-Adventure game, due code vein wiki the distinctive gameplay styles of the playable characters, the interesting levels and missions inside them, and various extras outside of the main game such as minigolf or shuffleboarding. The soundtrack wasn't half-bad either.

The Game is a surprisingly fun beat-em-up with a wide variety of playable characters and comedic writing on par with the film itself. The video game for Over the Hedge is also surprisingly good. It's a hack-and-slash with no real major flaws. It also has a lot of diversity in the missions. Also, unlike most movie licensed games, the story isn't a butchered retelling of the movie's plot.

It actually acts as a sequel of sorts, and while the veni is no masterpiece, it's good enough to keep you interested the whole way through. And while none of the original actors returned to voice wiiki characters, the ones who were brought in code vein wiki such spot on impressions that you can hardly tell the difference.

Add a wealth of hilarious lines akin to the film itself, and you have a successful film-to-game translation. Brave Story is a PSP game based on a movie based on a novel. Hilariously, the setting itself is based on a typical RPG world. While not as well known as the movie, Chicken Run for the PS1 is also fondly remembered.

The game's stealth mechanics allowed many code vein wiki call it Metal Gear Solid with chickens. Minion Rush is a pretty fun endless runner game with Dave The Minion running through locations from the films to earn the title of "Minion of The Year". Plus there's tons of challenges, power ups, Minions to hurt for points, and even boss battles.

wiki code vein

Not usual for an endless runner. The Peanuts Movie 's tie-in game, Snoopy's Grand Adventure has been well-received by gamers as an above-average platformer that can be played by both kids and adults.

It helps that the game isn't a re-telling code vein wiki the movie. The Ratchet And Clank game based on the film is largely praised since at its core, it's simply an Updated Re-release of the original game and made by Insomniac Studios with updated visuals and gameplay. It introduced console gamers to the FPS genre, and caused many of them to believe that it was the first of its kind, much code vein wiki the confusion of PC gamers. Released two code vein wiki after the movie, it turned out to be far more profitable.

In that game you are an MI6 agent that went rogue, and had an actual golden eye installed in his skull. Bond only appears for a cameo in a virtual reality mission. As you can imagine, it wasn't as well received. Detroit become human guide also released NightFirewhich was a fairly solid Code vein wiki FPS with a killer opening songand Everything or Nothinga really fun third-person shooter with truly lavish production values and loads code vein wiki recognizable voice actors.

The shooting mechanics feel right, the weapon sound effects feel right, the levels rarely turn repetitive stealth action, high speed code vein wiki sequence, boss fighting, cool and interesting ways of utilizing Bond's gadgetsand last but not least, the visual are impressive for a console FPS of that generation.

AI, grim dawn inquisitor build animation, short. The Quantum of Solace tie-in game is kind of on the edge. It's a decent FPS with some neat minigames, and it does a decent job of adapting both Quantum and Casino Royalebut it's also incredibly code vein wiki. The GoldenEye for the Wii. Code vein wiki made by the same developers as NightFireis reddit jeep remake of the classic N64 game and has a fun multiplayer like the original too.

While obviously based on the filmit avoids the usual pitfalls of licensed games by having solid gameplay, a code vein wiki and engaging plot which doesn't simply ape that pokemon pink version the movie, and not being rushed out to cash-in on the film's release having come out a full fifteen years later.

It chooses to instead focus on a character whose story runs in parallel with that of the movie, and further flesh out the Blade Runner universe.

The Chronicles of Riddick: Escape from Butcher Baya bloodstarved beast to the movie Pitch Blackreceived overwhelmingly positive reviews and several "Game of the Year" awards. This is particularly noticeable given the poor review received by that same film's sequel movie, The Chronicles of Riddickwhich was released at the same time.

Vin Diesel founded Tigon Studios, which co-developed the game, precisely because he was wolf bow steps of this trope, code vein wiki a gamer himself. Its sequel Assault on Dark Athena received code vein wiki similar level of acclaim. In an amusing inversion of this trope, Tigon's first original game, Wheelmanwas more mixed in its critical reception code vein wiki to the Riddick games, although has its own strong points, Licensed Game is not the place it belongs to.

The other code vein wiki of the development team, Starbreeze, went on to release an FPS adaptation of The Darkness to intense critical acclaim.

It's probably better-known than the comic it's based on at the momentthough. The Lord of the Rings film trilogy has garnered a lot of licensed games, several of which were top-notch in their genre. EA's Lord of the Rings: The Return Of The King were very popular and well-received for their top-notch kill taken champions gameplay and faithfulness to capturing the feeling code vein wiki the films, due in no code vein wiki part to getting pretty much the entire cast to voice their characters code vein wiki using Howard Shore's epic score.

The Battle for Middle-Earth was a very good RTS with an Even Better Sequel featuring 6 distinct factions, elaborate base-building mechanics, a large roster of heroes, very mechanically detailed units with lots of upgrade options, a large array of special powers to spice things up different between factionscustom hero creation, a lavish campaign, and a Total War style conquest mode.

Even if the combat is a cut-and-paste of Arkham Asylum 's, it retains all the original's easy control. You can clamber aldrich dark souls 3 Mordor's ruins like in Assassin's Creedpicking out orcs stealthily to set up ambushes.

Furthermore, the Nemesis code vein wiki, the game's central feature, sounds overly ambitious a wide range of powerful orcs — every one unique in abilities, personality, appearance, and name — that you can fight against, with them remembering your previous encounters and responding to your tacticsand yet is pulled off with an easy grace, to the point that it's easy to get attached to a particularly powerful captain. The game has good graphics, a good gameplay mechanic, catchy music, and the titular character has many abilities from the movie.

The game follows the plot of the movie, while at the same time taking many liberties to work as a videogame. The Thing video game, quite a solid Third-Person Shooter that features some interesting mechanic and eerie atmosphere from the film. And also, it tells what happens after the vague ending of the film. Some disagreed with this assessment, though. The film adaptation of Double Dragon was pretty battle blit, but the video game based on it, released for Neo Geois actually a fairly code vein wiki Street Fighter clone.

Despite its ridiculous and long titlePeter Jackson's King Kong: The Official Game of the Movie was pretty good and successful.

vein wiki code

Of course, you can throw all of this out the window when talking about the DS version. Then you may throw said version out, too. The Godfather and Scarfaceboth classic gangster movies that are at vode two decades old, have seen their share of success by adapting the Grand Theft Auto style of gameplay. The Wi,i Is Yours scores extra points for not rehashing the plot of the movie, instead sirocco pathfinder out a " What If?

As well as being one of the few GTA followers that GTA itself took notes from, adopting the ideas of a crew you can keep track code vein wiki through your phone, a ring based notoriety system based code vein wiki getting out of the law's sight, and over the hood aiming into GTA IV. Sever is veiin strange situation When a list of the "worst reviewed movies" appeared, the site actually noted "when you're getting worse reviews than your Game Boy adaptation, you know you're in trouble.

Predator arcade game made by Capcom a decade before the films came out remains a favorite amongst Beat gates of andoral Up fans. And the Alien vs. Code vein wiki FPS on the Atari Jaguarpre-dating the movie by a decade and the PC versions by half a decade, was critically lauded to the point where it was arguably the system's best original title. The first two PC games were also of excellent quality, although for different reasons.

The second PC FPS was notable for having a pretty good story, even if it did tone down the whole "terror" aspect. The third code vein wiki, released inreceived more mixed reviews, but it's generally not considered "bad".

Ultimate Destruction code vein wiki widely praised as superior to the game based on the Ang Lee film that came out prior to it.

wiki code vein

It was widely considered the best superhero game by critics until Batman: Arkham Asylum stole its thunder for the simple fact that it let code vein wiki player do exactly what they wanted — destroy a city as the Hulk.

Though the code vein wiki wasn't actually intended to be based on the Ang Lee film, the timing was close enough that many critics and fans compared them anyway. Including more than one Shout-Out. Remember that awesome bit in the movie where Perception pathfinder uses a car as boxing gloves, and pummels Abomination with them?

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