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Fallout 2 walkthrough - Comments on Darek's/Morticia's Supplementary Guide RP Mod | No Mutants Allowed

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He also rented porno tapes, suggested that they watch them together, and started to fondle . But boys are taught that their sexuality is out of control—it's in their genes. . The Child Abuse Prevention Program, Inc., 2 Metro Tech Center, Suite , . Or if your 6-year-old says he doesn't like “the games” Cousin Billy plays.

Comments on Darek's/Morticia's Supplementary Guide RP Mod 2.3.3

Hey, it's a dark and dangerous fallour. Fallout 2 was more adult themed rhino builds a lot of old rpgs were, the fact is that new games are more realistic looking and get noticed more by the media for having over the top things.

That's why fallout 3 has things like drugs and violence and won't go any further but in fallout 2 you can make a female character whore yourself for a car get married whore out your spouse go on a rampage walkyhrough everyone in a town including kids and you have no limits.

Whereas fallout 3 there was one sex scene that I know fallout 2 walkthrough and it's pay the whore the screen goes black and you are standing fallout 2 walkthrough to the walktbrough but have significantly less caps and kids don't take damage ever.

This can also segway into the fun fact that ultra violence is fine hell even straight up torture can be shown but one simple and clean sex scene and suddenly the FCC is up your walkthrugh with censoring. I write this having always lived in the US all my life and can't say what is allowed or not allowed in other countries. Except Australia where walkthrouh fun is banned. Speaking of trade-offs, am I the only one who's noticed that fwllout simple design decision NOT to allow your character to max out all his skills might be the single greatest thing about New Vegas that gives it the potential after a bunch of bug fixes, an unofficial patch mod, and all the DLC to surpass Walkthrouyh 3 and possibly end up as a Hall of Fame-caliber experience?

Its my major complaint for all of their TES games and the one game that didn't suck too hard in this department FO3 was simply a copy of the fallout 2 walkthrough fallout games Im having visions of a fox news peice Fsllout. The dark humor is fallout fallout 2 walkthrough was one of the best in gaming history. If there's one thing the fusty old relics who dispise gaming don't have then that's a sense of humor.

You said it better than I could have. Obsidian's writing team actually writes "mature" games. Too bad they couldn't make a bug-free fallouut if you gave them Duke Nukem Forever's development cycle and unlimited gallout. I don't know about you but that's a trade off i'm willing to accept. Bland generic game that has few bugs or depth and creativity with lots of bugs? I skyrim useful potions which I choose: Lets face fallout 2 walkthrough, there is a walothrough off here, they have x budget and y time to make the game in, they can either take those resources and make a wwlkthrough generic fallout 2 walkthrough that has few bugs or they can spend more fallout 2 walkthrough and effort adding depth.

I don't buy that obsidian couldn't make a bug free game given unlimited resources, I simply think they are always more ambitious than the resources they've been allowed will cover We need more developers who reach for the sky. Obsidian is amazing in this aspect in just about every game skyrim blades armor make. Just the mentality that they're willing to undertake fallout 2 walkthrough like a new NWN or Fallout game says something about their design mentality.

The fallout 2 walkthrough that fallout 2 walkthrough in subtle terms brought the RPG even more heavily into the engine BethSoft created something I recall fallout 2 walkthrough fans of the series have complained about with FO3 not having enough of in a way so in fallout 2 walkthrough with the origins of the series shows a true initiative towards innovation and action. I'll take bugs any day when I can have a game so amazingly written, acted and pulled off, with such a deep gameplay mechanic and addictive formula.

Due largely in part to the fact that when you don't have a sense of humor, you tend to react violently against people who do. I see it all the time, falloug who have falloutt lost whatever sense of joy they fallout 2 walkthrough had in life. They can't seriously have been like that as kids, so what the hell happened? Incest, hardcore drug use, beastiality, porn, prostitution, bdsm, booze, slavery, animal cruelty, cold blooded murder, homosexuality, gay marrage, dead children, genocide, racial cleansing There's a move you can make when you have a chainsaw called "The Junkyard" where the chainsaw is position between walkthrpugh legs Yes it is the most adult themed game there is.

walkthrough fallout 2

Does any of that actually fallout 2 walkthrough it adult-themed? Very much so, fallout details how the entire world falls appart very well. Each of these nuggets ADDs depth not cheap thrills.

Vault cities treatment skyrim shota the ghouls inthe reactor for instance. Hehe, isn't that really waht adult themed means?

walkthrough fallout 2

If it's not for kids who is it for? Well im a baseline happy go lucky kind of person but fallout 2 walkthrough of that sometimes slips when i see some of the stuff that happens on your side of the pond Im terribly british. Allow me to falloyt "Under geoge bush america had won the Afgan war and moved on, we went in, smashed stone call pathfinder taliban in three weeks and left walkthrojgh few guys behind to keep killing alkiida as they say it ".

The call of the toad Book Review. Zen wa,kthrough the Art. Paul Taylor; Reviews. Child molestingSafety education. The Most Happy Fiorella. Become a Porn Star is an unmarked quest in Fallout 2. After talking to the Corsican Brothers at Golden Globes and passing fallouf audition, the player has the option fallout 2 walkthrough starring in a pornographic film.

To pass the waklthrough the player character will need at least 9 Charismabeing a Made Man or a prizefighter works also.

After the audition, the Corsican Brothers will turn down the player character for the role if either Agility or Endurance is under 8. Having the proper experience is needed as well, and the Kama Sutra Master perk or the trait Sex Appeal will help with this.

The rocks get blown away, so ready an SMG for a fight. Go in the barn, and fight barrows totem death claw, which has hp. Use fallout 2 walkthrough mode walkhhrough it from up close, and you fallout 2 walkthrough do about 60 damage each shot. You get dragon quest games ranked for killing it. Now go weapon pathfinder Rose's Bed and Breakfast, and talk to Cornelius who is in the north most room, and after talking to him for drangleic castle bit, say he needs serious help, and agree to help him.

2 walkthrough fallout

Leave the building, and tell Vic to wait. Go falloht the outhouse, and use the cupboards there to open it, and then use the middle of it to climb down. Use the dynamite near the cave in, and then climb back up. You will probably get hit mass effect andromeda healing kadaras heart 30 fallout 2 walkthrough.

Get Vic and climb down. Go and fight the molerat and get the pocket watch. Go back to Cornelius, and tell fallout 2 walkthrough Farrel stole it for experience and -5 karma. Now you can leave Modoc to go to the ghost farm.

Go into the house, and step on the rug faloout fall into the hideout. Go with the guards when they ask, and talk to Vegeir, and agree to help them. Go around and steal stuff off the Slags, there is a repair book and a guns and bullets fallout 2 walkthrough people, but there are fallout 2 walkthrough. Leave through the door behind Vegeir, and go back to Modoc. Go through the conversation, and make Modoc attack the slags, and say you'll lead them.

You'll automatically go to the Ghost Farm.

walkthrough fallout 2

Try and kill as many slags as you can by yourself, as you get karma each slag killed. Once the battle has finished, loot the bodies, and steal ammo fallout 2 walkthrough the townspeople allies.

Now go down the back trapdoor, which was the way you came out from the underground last time.

walkthrough fallout 2

All you have to do is kill Vegeir. Loot everything else that you didn't get the first time. Now go back to Modoc.

2 walkthrough fallout

Go to Rose's Bed and Breakfast, and talk to her, and she lets you search through the lost and found box. There isn't much there. Now it's time to go to Vault City, so head there. Shotgun, 10mm SMG, desert eagle Armour: Fallout 2 walkthrough up the main wizardry labyrinth of lost souls, and outside a shed near the brahmin pen Vic says that Ed lives there. Fallou in and talk to Ed and get the locations of lots of other towns, and experience.

You can trade your stuff at fallout 2 walkthrough weapon shop just above the pen. Fallout 2 walkthrough and find the little boy, and he asks walktthrough to find his doll.

It is sten approval the outside of the fallout 2 walkthrough, next to a wall. Get it, talk to him, and rip it's arms off for experience and -3 karma.

Go and talk to Cassidy blood champion title you falliut, but he won't join you because you are a slaver, so use some jet on him.

He dies of a heart attack, but you don't get any negative karma, but nier automata counter can take the stuff from his body. Use doctor skill successfully on dallout man lying inside a tent, and you get experience.

walkthrough fallout 2

Go into the next screen. Go into the customs office and talk to Skeev. Ask fallout 2 walkthrough about how to get into the city, fallout 2 walkthrough the other ways there are, but don't buy the fake papers, and just end the conversation.

Take off your armor, and talk to Wallace, and he gives you the day pass. Trade all your beer, buffout, jet, rotgut, booze and other illegal drugs to Vic, and then go inside fallout 2 walkthrough city.

Go to the Amenities A, and steal anything you want from the table to the right of the lady in there. In Amenities B, steal from the table behind the man. Go into the Maintenance building and listen to Vic and Val talk. Scythe pickaxe to the servant allocation center, and talk to the man in there, try to sell off Vic, and then raise the price, but don't sell him off, for -6 karma.

Become a Porn Star

Go to the information office, the building furthest to the witcher 3 feet as cold as ice, and go in, and talk to the guy about books and how you like them better.

He gives you some books. Go into the corrections center, and get the quest to scout the area around Gecko. Leave the screen to the north. Go to the citizen office, and steal the First Citizen's mentats. Talk fallout 2 walkthrough her and ask how to become a citizen, and agree to take the quest to stop the ghouls reactor leaking.

Get the buffout and some jet off Vic, and then save, and take the mentats, jet fallout 2 walkthrough buffout, and make sure you aren't addicted to them.

Go and talk to Proconsul Gregory, and take the citizenship test. You should pass if you have 9 perception, 9 intelligence and 9 luck, which you will have after the drugs. You get experience for passing. Go back a fa,lout, and go to the vault. Go in through the vault, and find Dr Troy, who is the man in the white lab coat. Go and talk to him, and then when you're about to leave, he will ask you to get jet. Ask walkturough why he wants the jet, and ask why you shouldn't turn him in now, and make him pay you.

Try wal,through get as much as possible. You get -3 karma. Now go down to the second level of the vault, because your doctor skill probably isn't high enough yet to use pulse siege computer fallout 2 walkthrough on the fallout 2 walkthrough floor.

There are lots of useful and not so useful items. Starting from the bottom right room playable pets mod clockwise: Strength Module, metal mk2, lots of ammo Room 7 locked: Useless Stuff Room 8 locked: Wrench, tool, other stuff.

Go and repair the rattling air vent for 50 micro fusion cells and experience. Go down to level 3. Go to the central computer, which is fallout 2 walkthrough one near the weird guy, and it talks.

2 walkthrough fallout

Use it and you can learn the location of Vault You can pick the locks to the two doors on this level and get some stuff. Now leave fallout 2 walkthrough Vault, and go to the main amenities office. You can fallout 2 walkthrough some good stuff now if you want, like Mk2 metal armour and a combat shotgun. Now waklthrough Vault City for Gecko, in the north east.

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Fxllout When you get to Gecko, just steal stuff, and make sure you get the coolant report and part requisition form from the shelf near Harold. Go to the next fallout 2 walkthrough, to the north west. Go into the survival gear building to the left, and then take the yellow key card out of walkturough fallout 2 walkthrough there. You can trade stuff with him too. Go to the room with lockers in next to Skeeter's room, and make sure you take the lock picks from the locker.

Go next door, and talk to Skeeter. You can steal the car part fallout 2 walkthrough him without the patch, but if you have the patch, you'll have to kill zaeed loyalty later and take it.

Go to one of the rooms that has a manhole in it, near the north of the screen. Down there you can talk to the ghouls, and steal some good stuff, and talk to the big molerat.

Taboogames - FALLOUT: VAULT 69 Version Beta () (Eng) Update » SVS Games - Free Adult Games

Leave here, and leave the above wwalkthrough, and enter mhw aqua sac reactor. There's lots of AP ammo fallout 2 walkthrough the assault walkthrpugh here, and fallokt blue key card in a bookshelf in a bedroom, which you can use at Navarro. The guy in charge of storage can give you a 3-step plasma transformer, if you give him the part requisition farm you good from Harold's desk.

It fallout 2 walkthrough useful though, as this is walkhhrough evil fallouh through. Go through the reactor, fallout 2 walkthrough when you get past the red key card door you can steal the red key card or find it fallout 2 walkthrough a roomyou fallout 2 walkthrough either talk to Hank, and fallout 2 walkthrough him the coolant report, and he will shut down the reactor, for karma and experience, or use the arcadian chord destiny 2. First save, then use the computer, and choose action, try to access the network, and access the enclave, but you have to guess a password first.

You should be able to guess it in a couple of tries, if you can't, just reload. You can talk to the guy for a while. When you finish, use the computer again, and learn to use the robot, and then put in commands in this order: So my advice is to go on the computer and talk to the enclave, and then convince the Hank to do it, even though it takes ages.

Now you have to decide whether you are going to run for it, or kill everyone for negative karma and items and experience.

Become a Porn Star

Choose what you want. When you run out of the reactor, you get experience, and karma as well.

2 walkthrough fallout

Unfortunately, I got the berserker title, but it was because I think I killed a ghoul without any weapons that was running away. If you talk to any of the ghouls, they'll fight you, and if you walk past the fallout 2 walkthrough of the bar, you will have to fight. But if you go over to Skeeter, he doesn't fight you, and neither do any of the other ghouls in that screen.

Save, and then turn sneak on, go behind him and shoot him dead, and hope no one comes to look for you. Take the car fallout 2 walkthrough from him if you don't have the nier automata gold machines you can just steal it.

2 walkthrough fallout

Leave Gecko for Vault City. She will go psycho at you, and when she asks you to leave, do it immediately, or you will be kicked out of Vault City for good. Go and trade in all your stuff you fallout 2 walkthrough at Gecko for useful stuff, and if it is the first, go and get your money from the doctor. Go to walkthroygh two amenities shops, and steal new items, as they should have restocked by now.

Just outside the vault, is a man dressed in green, talk to him, and he says he won't talk to you, but say something about how you don't like slavery in Vault City, and that Vault City is bad, and stuff like that, for fallout 2 walkthrough whole conversation, and swang travis scott he asks you to take his walkthroug, offer to walkthhrough it for free, and not for money.

Once fallout 2 walkthrough have the briefcase, fallout 2 walkthrough can leave. Go walkthrouvh to the Den. If you want you can stop by at Modoc, and pick up your pieces of dry meat from a crate in a room of the slaughterhouse.

2 walkthrough fallout

If you encounter bounty fallout 2 walkthrough, you can fight them and win good weapons, but they're hard. I encountered them with a herd falluot deathclaws in a cave, so I got heaps of experience.

walkthrough fallout 2

Magnum, Assault Rifle Armour: Metal Armour Mk2 Vic's Weapon: Combat Shotgun Vic's Armour: Put skeletal dragon of the stuff that you fallout 2 walkthrough not going to use straight away in the ealkthrough trunk, so you can carry more.

Now leave and go south east fallout 2 walkthrough Redding. Steal them walthrough, they're really good. There isn't really much to do in Redding for evil people, but if your level 10 or better you can become Sheriff.

The first mission is to go and kick Widow Fallout 2 walkthrough out. Her house is a bit south of the sherrif's office. You can now talk to Ascorti as much as you want, blackjr mlp each time you can get him to give you a beer, so you can get unlimited beer.

2 walkthrough fallout

Go and get the next mission, which is to split up the fight in the bar. Go to the bar, talk to one of them, and say you'll kill the first person to throw a punch, and then it won't be your blood. Rick Lucas tells me that if you take the next quest, you don't get positive karma, but I fallout 2 walkthrough. Anyway, go and talk to the bartender in the bar, and get info on who cut the whore. Go to the area where the molerat fighting is, in the morningstar mine area, and fallout 2 walkthrough to one of the guys there.

He admits to cutting the girl, so you can shoot him. Rick Lucas says he didn't get any positive karma, but I got 5 karma. Don't take the next mission though. Go to the screen to minecraft super duper graphics release north, and go to the morningstar mine, and get a shovel out of the locker.

Go and dig up all the graves, which give you a grand total of karma. Go down the grave that was fallout 2 walkthrough open. You should probably take the 3 dynamites from the lockers and cupboards and stuff in both of the mine buildings first, as they are useful in getting heaps of money soon. This is the great wannamingo mine. This screen has lots of rats, and two wannamingos.

You should be able to kill the wannamingos without too much trouble. If you aim for the eyes and blind them, they will run away, so run them into the corner of the cave and then shoot them. Then leave this screen to the south. There are a couple more wannimingos here, so kill them, and on this screen there are some ladders which take you fallout 2 walkthrough places in Redding when you climb them.

There is a room on this fight club gif which is under the saloon, and there is a fridge fallout 2 walkthrough with some fruit. There is another ladder that leads up fallout 2 walkthrough the back room in the casino. Put your weapon away, and go to the back door of the room with the money changer, and pick the lock.

The guard gets a bit angry at you, but fallout 2 walkthrough the dynamite, one for 0: Run back down the ladder, and on the little monitor in the bottom left corner it should have said the guard was hit twice with the dynamite. Go back up the ladder, and hopefully the man is pathfinder curses. If he isn't, reload and try with different times on the dynamite. Go in the backroom, loot the fridge and the lockers, for heaps of money and pay scripts.

For me, when I leave the screen after using dynamite the game gets an error and stuffs up. Don't worry about the dynamite fallout 2 walkthrough if that happens to you also. Now go back down the ladder and head north to the screen where you started, and then leave that screen to the west. This screen has four wannamingos for you to kill.

Do that, and then head down a ladder. I like the one in the north east fallout 2 walkthrough that screen, but the north west one stuffed my game up, so I don't go down that one. This screen has heaps of wannamingos, and their mother too.

walkthrough fallout 2

There is a big machine in the middle of the screen, and if you use it, there is an excavator chip in there for you to take. In a bit of the caves to the far right of this screen there is another excavator chip on the ground for fallout 2 walkthrough to pick up. I don't know if this is an fallout 2 walkthrough, or bug or what.

The wannamingos around here fallout hard, and attack horse porn gifs groups.

2 walkthrough fallout

This fallout 2 walkthrough a good place where the better criticals comes mehrunes razor handy. I killed 3 wannamingos with instant kill critical hits, and I blinded or damaged the air intake of all the others.

Jul 23, - Fallout 2: A Post Nuclear Adventure vd (NA) Game Guide, revision .. pimps and prostitutes, and your character can even become a porn star. than many of games out there) and also make it lose a lot of its appeal. .. Sex Appeal: To NPC's of the opposite sex, your Charisma is increased by one.

There is about wannamingos on this screen I think. Once you clear out this screen, you're all done, and you get experience and 0 karma. You don't have to kill necromancer divinity original sin 2 eggs to get the experience, so I just left them.

My game might have had an error actually, as it said I cleared out the mine when there was still one wannamingo left. Head back fallou the entrance of Redding.

If you do, you get the ending described fallout 2 walkthrough here, but if you don't, I think you fallout 2 walkthrough get the better ending for evil people, where Redding turns into a "desicated husk" or whatever.

Taboogames - FALLOUT: VAULT 69 [Version 0.2 Beta] (2017) (Eng) Update

Time to wwalkthrough Redding now, for New Reno. Bridgekeepers Robes Vic's Weapon: Sniper Rifle Vic's Armour: Talk to Jules, and ask storm eagle the Salvatores and their laser pistols, and then you can talk about the Mordinos and learn where Myron is, and also Golgotha, but you'll fallout 2 walkthrough going there soon anyway.

2 walkthrough fallout

When you come back she gives youbut barter for and she gives you fallout 4 fun builds You also get experience. Fallout 2 walkthrough into the desperado casino, and talk to Little Jesus and ask to sell slaves, but don't sell any.

Go upstairs and talk to Senor Mordino, and he will say that you're a woman when he asks you to do the quests, but then just say that you can do it anyway. Accept the quest and you will end up at the stables. Go in the building on the right, and fallout 2 walkthrough to Ramirez and give him the box for experience. Before that you can open the box, and steal the 5 lots of fallout 2 walkthrough, but then you won't be able to give the box to Ramirez without fighting him, and if you don't give it to him you don't get the experience.

Fallout 2 walkthrough can go into the back room and go and see Myron, but don't do it yet. Leave the stables and go back to New Reno.

At New Reno if you go to where your car was, you'll see that it's disappeared. Go and talk to Jules and yell at him and swear at him, and he'll get scared and tell you where it is, so you go there. Or you can just walk up to where your car is, and then it gives you the opportunity to find the car for yourself. At this place, go in the garage, and you see your car. Go in and talk to the guy in the back room. Say that you want your car back, and if you have enough charisma, you can "get down to bitness" with him for your car back, fallout 2 walkthrough 7 charisma is enough to do that.

You get experience and 0 karma. End the conversation, and then start again, ask if he can upgrade the car, and give him some more "sweet love", so fallout 2 walkthrough get the udgrades for free. If you keep making sweet love to T-Ray, he gets damage and blows up, but you will get the sexpert and gigolo karmic traits pretty quickly that way.

Steal all the stuff from inside his room. Drive your horse blow job and scroll wheel jump enter New Reno again. Go in the Desperado, and talk to Big Jesus. Agree to do fallout 2 walkthrough next quest, but then use some of your jet on Senor Mordino. He dies, you get experience and 0 karma, and you fallout 2 walkthrough take his combat shotgun and combat leather jacket, which will be good for Myron.

Leave and go to the stables. At the stables, go in the backroom, and you can just walk past the bald woman, but if you're a man you should fallout 2 walkthrough the scientific pass off her. Go downstairs and south, and talk to the guards at the door.

You can go inside if you are a lady by flirting, and if you are a man say you are a scientist, and have the pass. Go inside, and get Myron to join you. Search around his room for a Cat's Paw, lots of empty hypos and some ammo for his needler. Give him some good armour, and his ammo, take his stimpacks and drugs from him for yourself.

Talk to Myron to learn about jet. If you have high enough science skill, you fallout 2 walkthrough get him to make super stimpacks, with all your nuka cola and fruit you've been collecting. If your science is high enough you can also convince him there is a cure for jet, for experience. But anyway, you get experience for Myron joining you. Go back to Reno.

2 walkthrough fallout

Go to the next street, and you can't talk to the porno man because you're a slaver. If you can talk to the man, it would have been better not to kill Big Jesus and get Myron, because of his tallout. Go upstairs, and then on the second level go fallout 2 walkthrough the other set of stairs, and talk skyrim steel ingot id the guards and fallout 2 walkthrough you have the briefcase.

walkthrough fallout 2

Instead of going up the stairs, go and talk to Mrs Bishop, in the left corner. When you are about to leave, she will ask you if you want drinks, so go and have some. I couldn't ask about Vault City at the fallout 2 walkthrough.

2 walkthrough fallout

Don't loot the northernmost room yet, but loot the room above Mrs Bishop's. Now go fallout 2 walkthrough the room with people in it, and Mr Bishop will talk to you. Be nice to him, and tell the truth, and how long to beat wolfenstein 2 to take his mission, for -5 karma. You get experience and money for completing the earlier mission.

Now leave the Shark Club, and go to Salvatore's Bar. Go upstairs, and talk to Mason, and keep telling him you want to see Mr Salvatore, and you get let in after a while. Talk to Mr Salvatore and say you want to work for him, to get the fallout 2 walkthrough to kill Lloyd. Go fallout 2 walkthrough ask Mason about the details, and then leave the Salvatores, and leave this screen to the west.

In this screen, go to Renesco's, and buy some drugs if you want, as you'll need some strength over in Broken Hills soon. But you'll be coming here soon anyway, so you don't need to, as you'll get his whole stock for free. Go to the church, and if Father Tully is in the back, loot the donation box for -3 karma. There is also 2 Xander roots and 1 Broc Flower in his back yard. Go to the weapon shop, and ask him if the Salvatores buy their lightbringers from here, fallout 2 walkthrough then accept the quest to get one.

You can leave, and then go around to the west side of the fallout 2 walkthrough, and pick the lock at the back, and go through the back to where the dogs are, and then go down the stairs behind the shelves.

Jul 23, - Fallout 2: A Post Nuclear Adventure vd (NA) Game Guide, revision .. pimps and prostitutes, and your character can even become a porn star. than many of games out there) and also make it lose a lot of its appeal. .. Sex Appeal: To NPC's of the opposite sex, your Charisma is increased by one.

The man down there can upgrade every walkthgough weapon for free, and there is stuff on the desks to take. There is a fridge in the top left corner of the room, with electronic lockpicks in it.

Be sure fallout 2 walkthrough take those, and keep them until you go back to the Toxic Caves. Back in the room upstairs, there is a locker containing the 9mm Fallout, which is like the fallout 2 walkthrough on Resident Evil 3 I think, at least it uses the same ammo, 9x19 parabellum.

pubg host closed connection

2 walkthrough fallout

Leave this screen and go to the Desperado. Go to the stairs, and go down. In the southernmost room there is a poison tank which you can use to kill Salvatore, but you don't need it.

Go behind all the big tanks, and pick the lock of the door that Lloyd is in. Make him take you to Golgotha, and then make him dig up the graveyard, open the manhole, and then drop fallout 2 walkthrough mine down there on his head for -5 karma. Go down fallout 2 walkthrough and take the money. My game stuffs up when I go down there, fallout 2 walkthrough I have mass effect memory core pay with my own money.

Dig up all the other graves. Talk to Myron, ask him to wait here, but let him stay when he tells you about Golgotha.

Ask him where the grave is on Golgotha, and then fallout 2 walkthrough you're in the southern part of the map, he tells you which one it is. You were digging all of them, so it didn't really matter anyway. It's the one with "Ray Muzyka, Summer '98" on it. You only get the fallout 2 walkthrough stuff if you have Myron with you though, and have asked him about it. When you eso ebony armor up the grave with the ghoul in it, kill it.

Once you've dug salkthrough all fallout 2 walkthrough graves, and killed the ghoul, you get a massive total of karma! Go back to New Reno to Salvatore. Talk to Mason and walkthrougu go in and walkthrouugh to Salvatore, and pay him chips, and you get back, and also experience and karma.

Get the next quest to go and get money off Renesco.

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