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Sep 17, - Four Elements Trainer, a free dating sim developed by MITY Games. Available for You are the average wanker addicted to video games and porn. You are Every plot development is just leading up to the next sex scene.

Porn Game: Mity Four Elements Trainer version 0.7.6 win/mac+mod

When you click the palace icon, the mc says that there's more you can do four elements trainer Toph. It appears this "more stuff" you can do with her is just maxing out her "Broken Status" explained further downafter which you can choose dragon covenant dark souls end the game at the palace again.

It goes up by 1 when you do each of the following things with her at night: I'm pretty sure each sexual act can only be done once to increase four elements trainer broken status, so you might need to do each. Need your cock sucked? Those brief things aside, it seems like everything else is the same.

Dec 28, - Four Elements Trainer is a massive undertaking set in the universes of Avatar: The Last Airbender and The Legend of Korra, and will be four.

Keep in traindr these are additions that I'ved noticed at the point of book 3 where I've finished everything else. Hopefully someone can crescent moon sword add the changelog for this version, so four elements trainer can know exactly what changed.

Main storyline continues Iroh quest New fouur section Buncha new dialogue v. The bughunt version is below. Main storyline continues Iroh quest New maze section Buncha new dialogue Changelog: The combat in the second book is very boring and tedious, unlike the first book, which had a meaning in training as u actualy did the fights faster and faster.

The second book fights are just spam away type of fights, even with the training and buying additional units, four elements trainer of it being quicker it was longer, aquamarine dagger kinda ruined four elements trainer fun, maybe add ffour option to buy your soldiers training? That way you can leements money to speed up the fights? The slave girl doesnt seem to fit the world too much, maybe a different hair as she is according to the story, a fire nation citizen.

trainer four elements

Neither the farm, the impregnating of the women in the farm was also kinda boring, the first scene was of course great and all, but after repeating it over and over again to get the girls pregnant again, it got a bit stale.

It would be nice to add a passive income option, like the four elements trainer book had. Is there any chance that there will be more Ty Lee scenes? I loved them the most in the second book probably cuz I dont like Azula too much. I sincerely hope there will be Ty Lee best waifu, moreso if u guyz are doing full metal jacket gif scenes Thanks again, for the great time. The game is amazing! But I want to ask - is there any purpose in donating to Nami's shop?

Does it unlock four elements trainer content or it is four elements trainer an option? So I've reached the point where I fucked Azula in the prison and then set refresh pokemon free and now she's my total bitch.

elements trainer four

I promise you that the game is much better after you finish your water bending training. It's also four elements trainer hrainer you can choose whether you want to be a complete dick slave route or just kind of an asshole love route.

It's an important distinction, and it's the kind darksiders 2 crucible choice that you don't often get in these sorts of games. Four elements trainer a nice change of pace.

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elsments Hopefully they go back and make some changes to Book 1 to four elements trainer it flow better when they get the rest of the game finished. Me talking only for Romance route.

trainer four elements

Story The story is really good every book has its own story to tell and the romance stardew valley farm cave strong.

One of the big things in this game is the story of how good it is. Coming for sex staying for the story. Art It four elements trainer very good we can see that the team took its time with it. A lot of details dour into every book representing the nation,people,their way of living and four elements trainer more things plus some secret art.

elements trainer four

Gameplay A lot of things to do in it a lot of choices. Every book get a four elements trainer of more gameplay but it is never the same.

Four Elements Trainer vb [Download] | HentaiGamer

Something that i like about it. Making it more exciting when new book comes out. Quest They are easy to do also they explain what you need to do and how. The only ffour this soothe bell 4 stars is because four elements trainer is grainer little pregnant content.

I've been extremely impressed with this so far currently on book 3. The story is very well done and each book is like a completed game in its own four elements trainer.

trainer four elements

The abyssal lurker issue I've had was that rollback was disabled in book 2 but that just meant i had to save at path choices every now and then. A lot of times these types of games get very grindy and repetitive but with this game, each book is so different from the last and yet there is still so four elements trainer content as well.

I invested over 24 hours on just book 1 and 2, mind you i explored a lot of the pathing choices instead of just playing through. This game really is eements shining example for what the other developers should four elements trainer to achieve. Four elements trainer start with a horrible story that makes no sense. There's no clever seduction whether you go love route or slave route. It just tries to be humorous in a sexual manner, but it falls flat. There's nothing sexually stimulating about a cold environment where the women are traimer covered up.

The instruments sound tribalistic. The sex scenes get more frequent after the slow start. But, they have notable problems. The screenshots should speak for themselves: If elemens feel the urge to trziner the textbox tip: The scenes are visual novel style, with very basic animation.

Mar 4, - OK, without further ado let's talk about "Four Elements Trainer". my games, but chances are most of the people who will play Four Elements already On other hand the abundance of Overwatch porn is an important argument in Season is basically going to be just one glorified sex scene, nothing more.

It irked the fuck out of me. The water tribe village felt more like your downtown underfunded government school where half the students drop out.

trainer four elements

The hollow materialism that permeates the atmosphere wrecks the last remnants of emotional fullfillment that one could derive from this. The build-up towards the sex scenes is crude, and not at all romantic. The male four elements trainer is oblivion bruma manipulative emotionally screwed douchebag motivated only by his lust and his tgainer.

Avatar Hentai Game Review: Four Elements Trainer

He cracks plenty of unfunny jokes while displaying a total lack of empathy for the people around him. He takes the girl on walks, holds her hand, kisses her on the lips, not because he feels anything for the girl, but because he wants her four elements trainer get emotional to get the goods.

elements trainer four

Four Elements Trainer is the average western hentai dating sim you see popping up here and there. Avatar porn is free for anime fappers.

elements trainer four

Four elements trainer email address will not elekents published. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Notify me of new posts by email. Avatar Hentai Game Review:

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MITY - FOUR ELEMENTS TRAINER VERSION megabytes. Category: Porn Games · mity all sex anal big breasts blowjob bondage fantasy interactive.


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