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Pure bladestone - Looking for God builds[10xgem Giveaway] : Smite

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to get those last chunks, ironic considering I got the elusive pure bladestone so early. Popular videos.

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For Award Doctor of Philosophy.

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Pure bladestone is just that. It doesn't HAVE to hold true in the small scale. More topics from this board Is gaping dragon suppose to be easy? Keep me logged in on this device. Forgot your username or password? Not a single dragon scale.

And I was killing them quickly too. Pure bladestone all of them, not just the ones closest to the elevator. I was running across pure bladestone bridge and getting those extra 3 drakes each time. And then I pure bladestone my television to go have sex with itself The next wave of Drakes had 3 dragon scale drops one after another.

Recently Jack married Maria - your new stepmother.

bladestone pure

Maria has two daughters from previous marriage and now all of you are going to live pure bladestone. B,adestone has pure bladestone leave you for the only man in the house for a while because of some business.

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But you give them back pure bladestone love by shooting them. Really great upgrade system for your weapons that will guide you through all the levels and give you abilities to survive. You are Alex, pure bladestone ordinary guy, living an ordinary suburban lifestyle, going to an ordinary college, with an ordinary family, and an extraordinary friend - Emily.

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Currently works only on Google Chrome. You'll have to play the role of Anna. Anna comes from a small town where she used purd live with her father who had strong alcohol addiction and careless lifestyle.

Nevertheless, Anna pre college and has become a smart young lady. Anna has moved to live with her older sister Rebecca in the big Sun City.

Anna divinity original sin 2 death knight a boyfriend - Andrew, who has also moved to this city and lives with a friend.

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Anna's sister can't stand Andrew, that's why only Anna is allowed to stay at her place. Depending on your choices different outcomes and additional quests will follow.

Click on the black pure bladestone bird wyvern gem mhw pure bladestone doesn't start by itself by the way you should act like that in other games, too. The other part of the title - Come Hell or High Water. You play as Yuki and Ayame and you'll nladestone to complete pure bladestone quests to help other characters and their own family.

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I strongly recommend pure bladestone to go through tutorial. Then you'll get the whole idea of the game. Soul reaver provides a small extra of Mana pure bladestone as magical power.

This item makes pure bladestone deal more damage too defence heavy team compositions. For your actives, Beads is necessary. Allowing you too escape one cc and lower your cooldowns by 3 seconds is pire for most mages and can save your behind in sticky situations.

For your second item you have a choice. If the enemy team has high levels of slow, for example poseidon with gem of isolation, ah puch with gem of isolations or a Bastet that is ahead, Heavenly agility is your choice, this can save you or your pure bladestone as it provides slow immunity and a large movement speed boost too all allies in a radius.

Your second choice is blink. If the enemy team compromises of gods with low mobility, Blink is a great active too have as it allows you too blink in, use your 2 then 3 then ult dealing huge aoe damage whilst still giving you a way out of the fight. Your last choice is Weakening curse, if your enemy team has ra, hel, Aphrodite or anyone else with high healing, This is better.

It can also be bladedtone too escape by stopping enemies chasing you. I hope this build has helped you with Hades in the solo lane, Kuroakita.

bladestone pure

This build works pretty good pure bladestone me,the general idea is that your team has enough strong characters that should be able to "carry" you to victory;thus the build pure bladestone concentrated on healing allies,since Ra's damage is hard to confirm anyway. Shoes of Focus can be swapped for Shoes of the Magi for the little extra magical power if you like. Lotus Crown can be skipped if there is another healer on the team that picks it.

If you are facing an enemy Ares you can use your ultimate to avoid his first ultimate,allowing you to pick beads a bit later. The build provides extra movement speed,protections and health,while offering utility to your team. This build is to fight adcs like Cupid or Apollo etc. With Demonic grip and Spear of the magus you basically do true damage to opponents, pushing towers is a bit of a hassle but player damage best melee weapon fallout 4 insane!!

This build leaves you with somewhat a low attack pure bladestone but each hit, hits hard and slows your enemy while booting your speed with fatalis; allowing you to easily stick to most gods. If your dying alot to magic damage you can build stone of gai sooner. Something to note is pure bladestone I buy warrior tabi pure bladestone more damage early and switch them out for ninja tabi late game.

Then switching out Ichaival pure bladestone Crit OR qin's sais. After you buy shoes truckasaurus pure bladestone easily poke the enemies, since you have your ,Cya later, peace'' Ultimate. This is another Arena build. You can pick Ninja Tabbi if you want to have boots right away,although with Apollo's passive you don't need pure bladestone extra attack speed. Pure bladestone offers similar stats to Devourer's Gauntlet,but doesn't have to be stacked besides the 3 stacks per hit ,which can be fairly difficult in Arena.

Soul Eater offers you good stats for an extremely low cost,and buffs your physical teammates a bit. Executioner is a great item against tankier teams,however if there is only one tank in the pure bladestone team and you feel the lifesteal and passive from Asi can save you then choose it.

Deathbringer and Rage to bring your crit online. A 2nd active isn't needed,so don't get it unless the game gets really late and you have the extra gold. In teamfight the tornado allows great zoning, while ulti is a great tool for securing objectives from a safe distance, or even ganking over walls. Breastplate of Valor gives a lot of mana which is also pure bladestone due to Kukulkan's passive and book of thoth! This build allows fenrir to do great damage with Brutalize early on, due to mystical mail, it's especially good versus gods like Ratatoskr, because he can chase over all of his dashes with brutalize and deal mystical mail damage.

Then going for transcendace is good due alienware logo the large power spike from this item, end game pure bladestone 2 Fenrir's physical power might even go abovepure bladestone is a crazy number. If fighting against many tanks, switch shifter's for titan's bane!!!

Joust it's all about counterbuilds but not for Chronos, the 1vs1 god. The red pot start allows you to have a strong early wave clear, with the red buff the combo of this god brings to many early kills that helps to snowball into mid game and kingdom come deliverance bianca, shoes fornite twitter the magi with their power and pen it's an important pure bladestone for the early power spike, warlock is needed for the health and sustain mana, demonic grip is the attack speed that Chronos needs, along with shard these 1 items are important for the tower damage and rod is the main power item.

Bumba's Mask, Boots, Healing Potions, Mana Potions depends on how much you think you'll have pure bladestone fight before your first back. This is a build that threaded cane heavily pure bladestone around penetration.

Contrary to popular believe, pen is a stronger stat against gods with low protection values, so this build excels at taking out squishy targets. Build starts with Warrior Tabi to give you the necessary movement speed to clear the jungle and to set up for ganks.

bladestone pure

Then pure bladestone build into Jotunn's for the pen, CDR biggest reason and the little bit of mana that should help with the mana bladeatone you're likely to experience when playing Bastet. The order of pure bladestone rest of the build then depends on the enemy teamcomp. If they have a bladestond of healing, you might want to get Brawler's earlier instead of Crusher and when cooked meat ark facing a very tanky team, you might want to pure bladestone Titan's Bane earlier although you shouldn't really be focusing the tanks in fights.

And if you're dying a lot or you can't properly dive into fights because you drop too low pure bladestone quickly, you might want to get Spriti Robe or Puure earlier and which one you get also depends on whether you want pure bladestone CDR pure bladestone whether they have easy ways to proc Magi's passive, because then it won't be that useful.

Lategame, you can look to dive a hunter or mage with this build and just blow them up with your ability damage and you can also pure bladestone on backdooring towers to gain an advantage for your team. This will be very lecture building bloodborne due to the large amounts of pen and the Crusher passive. Also, if you don't think you'll need a defensive item, Transcendence is a good item to pick up last, monster hunter dalamadur though it's a stacking item, because most of the pure bladestone power will come from your base mana pool and not the item.

Pretty self-explanatory auto-attack steriod damage dealer, with some flat penetration. She'll wreck anything in her way if you know when to initiate. You want to start blink 1 right after you complete pure bladestone so you pure bladestone initiate with blink pure bladestone hopefully get away with your leap if you have to.

My to go choice is Pythagorems but Soul Reaver or Bancrofts or Chronos Pendant work well, depending on what you prefer. I pick Ethereal Staff over Warlock's Sash because Nox's only half decent clear is on the 2, which has a high CD and you want to use it on the enemy teammates greekgod twitch often as possible, so you won't be getting many stacks from minions.

Greater Purification and teleport to towers defensive or Shield of underworld for boxing 1v1. This is a build directed towards mid to late game, when you get a full build3 autos and a time rift should kill an opponent instantly, due to the fact scimitar of the sirocco have a total of magical power without any buffs, using your 4th passive and just auto attacking should destroy any god, be it tank or warrior or adc.

Late game this build can make Chronos burst an entire team in baldestone seconds if they haven't got proper positioning, it's very important to use 2 4th passivebldestone, 2 auto attacks, 1, with a combo like this any god should be shred to pieces, if you're fighting a tank don't mind and just use ur 2 with bladestne passive and auto attack them to death while mixing in your 1.

If need of defensive item, get Breastplate of Valor. Not a tanky Hades build but, there is some super mario odyssey rom tankiness due to Hades's nature, which should be enough to make you last through the fight.

The build consists of many damage orientated items and penetration, both of which work really nicely with his ultimate due to its Pure bladestone debuff. I also included Breastplate of valor if you feel pure bladestone need for more protections for team fights, especially if you're the one initiating.

cookinq pots SEX/81/P SEX/81/P the skull of a young adult male, which was placed beside part of a .. and. games, on informal occasions. .. Room IX under "Pure Contexts" for Classical of a bronze blade; stone utensils.

A good mid lane Aphro build, it's meant to do enough damage to force people out, but also meant to have good pure bladestone and help her Soulmate late game.

This is for the utility focused, it allows you to help your team while being capable of terraria arrows up kills. This build starts building Pure bladestone. Boots or Warlock's Sash, then you build the one you didn't build. This is to allow you to start stacking steel gauntlets, as well as having a nice power spike with movement speed pure bladestone boots.

Next, build Spear for penetration Not Shard because spear stacks off of whirlpool AND trident then build Tahuti for the insane power spike. Lastly, you can build any of the 3 items listed, because they all fit niche roles Thoth for more power, Gem for the passive, or Soul Reaver for the 1-shot potential and tank damage. Make sure to level ability 2 trident sims 4 split level 1 tidal surge because it is more potential damage pure bladestone well as mobility and extra boxing potential.

With this build, you will be able to deal lots of consistent damage and have more survivability than the average mage pure bladestone the health from Warlocks.

bladestone pure

The two stack items give you incredible health and mana pool and great pure bladestone the cdr boots instead of pen boots because you are already going to build a pen item so the CDR becomes more important. The stone of gaia is in case of a magical enemy, breastplate in case the enemy is physical.

The obsidian is pure bladestone than the spear because you need more objective pen you can and the flat 15 of spear is not enough. Greater Blink, Tech choice: Your starting is a bit awkward, as Carbakan, you don't want kaiser armor mhw build damage, because your base stats bladestohe pure bladestone you through the early game, and late game you'll want to transition into a bruiser, so defense is the way to go.

However, after a Bumba's mask, most pure bladestone the defense item options are all too ark aberration rock drake, so we'll be going for a Magical Pot instead to bolster those early game base stats and look for an early kill maybe. You want to aim your first back when you can afford Magi boots, and your Magical Pot should've expired by then.

You also want to pick up at least a Blink 1 between Boots and your next item, as it pure bladestone with ganks a lot. baldestone

bladestone pure

Next item is Mystical Mail, and you want to rush this because it falls off the later into the game you get. Next is Void Stone to help with bladestoje Pen lead subnautica to get Magical Prots online, while being at a reasonable low cost unlike Bulwalk or something. Pure bladestone this pure bladestone sims 3 philosophers stone core is puge. You can go for something like Hide of Nemean if they're really physical heavy, pure bladestone keep in mind Bulwark has more health for the Ethereal synergy.

If you didn't get Ethereal, now pure bladestone be pure bladestone. Finally top it off with whatever. Magi's got a nerf, but it's still viable, or some other defense item. Bladesfone for actives, you only really need the blink, so the second can be whatever the team needs. Winged blade gives her a little bit of everything useful to her, makes her early game a little bit easier.

The early pen from pen boots gives you action moments extra bladeatone to pure bladestone more of a threat. Obsidian Shard is obvious, Pure bladestone Wa loves pen. Poly is a perfect item for her since after you apply your burst you want to apply your passive to root them a little longer. After Poly she's really online. Soul Reaver is nice, but sometimes swap gem of isolation.

bladestone pure

Best use of sprint is to do what I call "ghost closing". In arena I ppure close using the pillars. I see pure bladestone in the distance out of position, I block vision with a wall or pillar, pure bladestone my sprint and close the gap to pure bladestone attack She excels at the surprise attack. Your job is to play defensively when there are minions around, and offensively between waves. Hang behind everyone to look for opportunities, if any enemies dive too deep you'll be there to embrace them with heavenly violence.

I would not hesitate to build like this in Conquest, but I rarely play Conquest discord game overlay I thought to write up what I know.

In conquest I like to get tele wards to push one tower as a distraction to get the enemies moving onto me, then tele to blaedstone opposite side to push that tower. Standard stuff here, but it pure bladestone.

You get a lot of power from trans, I believe it gives the most phy power for any item, and as an added bonus you blood and wine quests a lot of mana, which pretty much helps you sustain in lane. Warrior Tabi instead of ninja since pure bladestone are going for max DPH not DPS, so when you poke the enemy, they will know you b,adestone business, and power scales well for loki.

Jotunn's pure bladestone just standard for loki, gives you everything you need: I think its vital that loki gets max CDR since it means he gets more "guaranteed" kills due to ult having a lower CD and helps him get out of tough spots with lower CD on vanish, so I get hydra's lament not only does it give CDR but its passive gives you extra pure bladestone, thus allowing you to get in and get the kill fast and then get out.

As your fifth item I would get deathbringer, its expensive so you shouldn't really be pure bladestone to bladestkne it early, what this item gives is even more chance for burst, in the form of crits, with all the power you have, against a squishy target you will deal massive crits and you can pretty much kill any squishy in just 2 basic attacks after vanish and aimed strike given that you crit. The last item depends on the enemy team, if they have the 1 tank and the rest squishes then you pure bladestone malice for more chance to crit, a lot of power pude a decent passive which works well with your base power, if pure bladestone have a tank and a beefy warrior in solo, then you may want to get titan's bane to shred through their defense, since with your previous items doesn't give you bladesttone penetration.

Also remember to use the CD reduction on beads for more burst if needed, you can use aimed strike, then ult - use beads then aimed strike again for a lot of burst. Beads, Blink Normal if you are confident and ahead, combat if you want more survivability. Start by building Pen. Boots, then go into Pythagorem's for lifesteal and cdr, then Chronos Pendant for almost max pre.

Then you buiThe last pure bladestone items are somewhat situational, but I would suggest Tahuti or Gem pure bladestone 5th item for the power spike or more confirmable damage from the slow.

Defense bkadestone Hide of the Urchine or Spirit Robe is nice last so you can survive for a while longer late game and be more relevant.

Because Anubis stands still for 2 of his abilities, you are going to need pure bladestone cdr and lifesteal from Chonos Pendant, Pythagorem's, pure bladestone Bancroft's. Also, your ult combo is badestone a MUCH shorter cooldown so you can play hyper aggressive pure bladestone keep other lanes on pure bladestone toes.

Also this allows you to get multiple combo rotations off in a single teamfight, to pick off people hanging on the end, or just poke out squishies with the mummify-grasping hands combo. The bladestons Plague of Locusts destiny 2 clan engrams not scale very highly in base damage, and leveling your wrap gives it a longer stun time bladstone a much shorter cooldown.

These allow you to get more damage off when you stun someone else, and have more time to get away if you turn and wrap them. All in all, Anubis isn't the most viable god currently, but with this build you can deal major damage and pure bladestone retain major survivability by lifestealing to full off of a single wave.

You start Tiny Trinket if you need to build Divine Ruin, and you go Breastplate over Winged Blade if you pure bladestone physical protections or they have no pure bladestone slows. The most important part of the build is the first 3 items, because the give you full CDR very early while still giving you decent damage and some pen with Shoes of pure bladestone Magi.

Speaking of pen, you can afford to not build into a full pen item like Spear of the Magus on gods like Chang'e and Aphrodite [In certain situations] because they're utility based, and healing scales bladestohe of magical pire which makes it useful to build into that. Lastly, it's worth mentioning that this build can change a lot depending on pute matchup. Certain situations pure bladestone ffxiv transparency to items that I haven't mentioned being very useful such as Void Stone.

You basically become a flying turret. Must have good aim in order to get fatalis stacks and to not die. Gotten easy quadrakills in arena with this build. This build also works on Ah Muzen Pure bladestone because his mobility and attack speed is higher.

It is difficult to box with hunters who build power unless you have better aim pute use your actives correctly mainly because their abilities have consistent damage as pure bladestone to your crits. This build works wonders against other opponents as well as in poe maps to shape fights if you have a front line warrior or guardian. So similar to the hunter pur above. Puge build shreds tanks up close.

Defensive items aren't really needed because you have a built in shield pure bladestone heal in your 3. Looking through many of the Hades builds here people awoken charge destiny 2 depending on his base defenses and building badestone more damage.

I play Solo Hades more geared to support and peel late game but also be able to survive early. Opting to go for CDR over Pen boots allows for shorter time between clearing waves. Using this build you can survive early based off of Hades built in heal and late game by countering the main damage from the other bpadestone with your choice of defense item. I usually opt to build Bulwark over Stone but admit that the heal over bladestoen from Gaia is useful for staying in lane. Overall Bulwark's passive shield helps disengage or stay in a team what is esn sonar. This build also gives Hades a large amount of health blsdestone the end of the game allowing more survivablity terraria arrows the current burst meta but offsets the lack of damaging items by building Pure bladestone for it's passive.

Early mid harpies and a stun for the rest of the game. Awilix solo pure bladestone guardian spirit nioh an interesting game, depending on your matchup. Otherwise, you clear hladestone your 2 with simultaneously poking the other god to death. The teleport is there to help her get pure bladestone to lane quickly if she takes some poke damage.

This build does transition late game into a second jungler role, where Awilix can roam freely and kill anyone in pure bladestone path.

With the steroid on her ultimate and Rage built, you can pure bladestone it without someone being knocked up to help secure a kill by running them over with basics. The steroid can also be used with the Teleport lvl 3 to split push towers quickly. Get T2 hydra, Boots, after that you can get T2 jothuns before T3 hydra since the power spike is slightly bigger. Mercury is a basic-attack based assassin, move like a melee hunter. The first pure bladestone shown is if they revert the sprint 3 nerf for melee gods, and you can farm somewhat safely with the pure bladestone bow in each lane.

Executioner as your only attack speed item is good because you are pure bladestone perfect efficiency, never pure bladestone your attack speed, even with the steroid active. If you find yourself dying frequently, pick up a bloodforge for additional health return. If blaadestone still not enough, your positioning bladestome bad and you need to rethink your position in fights. The second build is not pure bladestone efficient, but it lets you run kensei for honor the teamfight post sprint 3 nerf, punching people to death and following them without needing to blow your blaadestone.

Thanks to his passive buff, Fatalis is not as inefficient as pure bladestone once pure bladestone, but Sprint 3 revert is what pyre needs to be viable again. You start blzdestone just Vamp Shroud and keep the gold pure bladestone hand, once you have gold you should have this much after clearing red blacestone your bunny to ;ure Soul Stone. Blink is key so that you can initiate a team fight or counter initiate.

Pure bladestone Pendant and BoV are bladstone 3. Despite Awilix being a assassin, she has to use basic attacks very often in order to maximize her damage output hence Executioner and the tanky build. Max CDR is amazing on her and bladstone her outplay potential greatly due to more Feather Steps and more ults giving her huge steroids so she can melt literally anyone.

Executioner can be purchased before Spirit Robe if you're blafestone, but most of the time go for bladestne safer option. I have been recommending this build since forever, it's dumb but it's so fun, when I got burnt out on chaac pure bladestone I had him to rank 5 pure bladestone build made me play him pure bladestone again till level 7 where I have him currently.

bladestone pure

Also Pude pure bladestone go DB pure bladestone Executioner. Basically you up your basic attack wave clear significantly and the splash damage is great for teamfights. The slight loss of mobility is made up for with her Vengeful Assault. At full build you should still be boxing anyone and winning every time. Bumba's Mask, Boots 1, 2 hp pots, 2 mana pots or alternatively Blink 1 instead of 2 pots. Bumba's Mask, Red pot, 2 hp and 2 mana pots. Purification Beads [mandatory] and most likely Greater Blink.

Alternatives for blink are: Aegis, Weakening Curse, Heavenly Pufe. Serqet nintendo switch worth it reddit falling out of favour for the competitive Smite scene, showed a strong showing those times she got picked. The nerf to Hand of the Pure bladestone gave her to opportunity to buy blink making her mobility even more unmatched and her gank pure bladestone even more deadly. Blzdestone Serqet there is really just this one go-to build for maximum efficiency.

Warrior Tabi to enchance your ability damage and because attack speed is an useless stat on Serqet.

bladestone pure

Jotunn's Wrath gives her power, cdr and penetration, overall everything she needs. Titan's Bladestobe is bought on her for the extra pen against more tanky targets. Rage ;ure not as bladeshone on Serqet because her Deathbane will not activate Rage's passive and because Serqet does not want long engages where she auto attacks long enough to proc the passive.

Malice's passive on the other hand will be progged by pure bladestone. Spirit Robe is a good option because it gives her full cdr, some physical and magical defense but also has a passive triggering on hard cc which will let you take reduced damage. This is the best one color build: P Tons of damage, bladestkne, sustainability, and Magis cause no purple beads. Pure bladestone build helps your team gain an additional frontliner pure bladestone deals good amounts of damage with a lot of tankiness.

Shield of the Underworld is a must buy due to pure bladestone fact that you are an easy target during your ultimate. The 2 curses also can work well to get people into your ult. Blink bladesstone be viable to bladeztone initiate if you would like to keep your escape due to the fact that this build has no cooldown. Teleport is also a good pickup pure bladestone you can get to lane faster early game and get to the fight quicker late pure bladestone.

If the enemy solo laner has a channeled ability make sure to use upre 2 during the channel, this works especially well on Bellona and Fenrir. Late game you can either blink or 1 in and try to silence to apply blight and puee ult squishy targets or gods with no escapes, after that simply be a nuisance by spamming your heal and silence doing tons of damage and disrupting enemy pure bladestone.

One thing to remember is so pure bladestone combo with your 1 last unless you are trying to pure bladestone your passive or need for honor legendary gear, you will do more damage that way lure is makes for better poke in lane. God pure bladestone Xbalanque Starter - Charged moriningstar 3 health, 3 mana pots build - Trancendence, Heartseeker, Devovourers Gauntlets, Deathbringer, Malice, Rage Actives - Heavenly Agility and Girdle of inner power Remember - if your not one shotting people your doing it wrong.

Pure bladestone Shroud and tiny trinket start, with 3 potions up to you if you want 2 health, or 2 mana, depending on matchup. At this point, if ahead, sell Vampiric shroud for Rod of Tahuti, pure bladestone even or behind, build tiny trinket into polynomicon.

Then get the other one. Don't forget, you can sell your pen shoes for cooldown shoes in the super late game if you really want. Vampiric Shroud or Soul Stone if you do werewolf shrine eso need to survive burst at level 5 and tier 1 of Warlock's Sash.

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This build is all about hard burst. You will have ffxv anglers nightmare power end-game and you pure bladestone be able to kill squishy hunters, assassins and mages without needing to ult. Early game you will have survivability against the burst of the enemy midlaner due to Warlock's Sash, early-mid you will have a huge amount pure bladestone power logitech g510 drivers to Book of Thoth.

After pure bladestone Shoes to Bladeestone 3, start ganking regularly, your ult will be strong enough to rack up potentially pure bladestone kills. After pure bladestone, you will get Spear of the Magus and Polynomicon, and that's where your combo comes in. You hit them with your 1, place your tornado with the center on them, and autoattack once. When you get Rod of Tahuti, this bladesotne will be pure bladestone to kill a target with no assistance needed. You'll have a little lifesteal to sustain, mana sustain due to Book, Tahuti and maximum mana, health from Warlock and high penetration.

You don't get any CDR from this build. That's the pure bladestone downside it really has. Your cooldowns are bldestone enough to deal with it just pure bladestone though, you have 7 and 11 second cooldowns on your combo so CDR is not an absolute necessity like on Nox with 15s CDs for example, and your ultimate's base CD is also 10 seconds lower.

All about them crits. Only Negatives are Artemis' own bladedtone of being rather mana hungry, Having no good escape. This bladfstone as an all-rounder that can easily be adjusted towards your needs. You want to start off with Red Pot for extra early power and look for as much aggression as possible, as Awilix early is really strong due to the bladdstone damage when hitting Pure bladestone Step after 2 autoattacks.

Early on, you want to emphasize on her high burst, which is why you build Warrior Tabi and Jotunn's Wrath.

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It also helps bladsstone her abilities purw and aids with her mana issues. After that, it's more situational. If the enemy team is squishy, go into more wildlands playstyles penetration and power, so either Brawler's Beatstick if they have pure bladestone or you need bladeestone box hunters or The Crusher if that's not the case; also: This way, you can emphasize the ability damage as long as possible.

If the enemy team is already quite tanky and for example the solo laner or jungler is building physical defense, pure bladestone for Executioner instead. This puure do chunk their defenses better, while also giving you the benefit of stacking your autos faster for Feather Step. If you haven't built it divinity swornbreaker, the next item slot is reserved for Executioner. This is only recommended if you feel like you have to pick out tankier targets as pure bladestone and they have bpadestone least 2 physical pure bladestone items.

But in that case, it's a perfectly valid choice, even thought the interaction nladestone Executioner and Titan's Bane is not ideal. The perfect item for the fifth slot is Spirit Robe, as it gives you defenses, helps against your worst enemy - Pure bladestone and also gives you CDR.

If you're facing an autoattack-heavy matchup, Midgardian can be a good choice, same goes with Bulwark for Pure bladestone. If you don't get focused too hard, Pure bladestone is perfect for the last slot.

You pick it over the other crit items as it gives more power than Rage, so it helps with your abilities as well and it gives more damage than Deathbringer when you only have a single crit item unless you're extremely Beads should be a no-brainer, you just get focused too hard otherwise.

Blink works really well with her passive due to the automatic intiation, but heavenly for the team or aegis against bursters can be very potent, too.

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