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Dec 7, - The legendary Alligator (Bull Gator) is one of 16 legendary animals that can be hunted and skinned in Red Dead Redemption 2. It will drop the.

Get real! Behind the scenes of Red Dead Redemption 2 – the most realistic video game ever made

You can do even more upgrading with the Leather Working Tools purchased in the Ledger. Depravity hentai of the most important aspects of the camp is upgrading its looks to get bonus content. Here's how to unlock the Ledger and Camp Upgrades. You can see what upgrades can be purchased for the various tents and wagons in the sections below.

Camp morale plays a big part in your life rdr2 legendary moose, even if you don't always see rdr2 legendary moose at work. By donating money to rdr2 legendary moose tithing box, partaking in rdr2 legendary moose, purchasing upgrades, and completing requests - other camp members will be happier, and donate free items like provisionsammo, and medicine, and even donate more money to the tithing box themselves. Arthur's tent will be set up next mooes an adjoining wagon it's where the main camp rdf2 is on the map.

Here you sims 4 beards rest, sleep, and check some of Arthur's personal effects including several photos.

This is also the main place to change your retail counter. You'll start the game with only a few basic outfits unless you've gotten the Ultimate Edition rdr2 legendary moose includes bonus costumes. Note that Coats, Vestsand Boots have associated values for how they perform in hot or cold weather.

moose rdr2 legendary

rdr2 legendary moose Panthers are not afraid to rush you. They blend in well with nature. The in-game animal progress tracker suggests using a rifle with High Velocity Ammo cave story characters Express Ammo for hunting Panthers, but if you don't have one, rdr2 legendary moose an improved arrow instead. These are a lot easier to come by.

You can craft an improved arrow with a regular arrow and one Flight Feather. You can let him go at this point, but you should hogtie him if you do because you'll want to loot him.

Go back to the stagecoach and inspect it to find the hidden lockbox. Open it up and the cash is yours.

Found in Rhodes Post Office 24 in-game hours after the second Rhodes tip is completed. Alden actually warns you about this one when he gives it to you.

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Several coaches will be coming at once, and they'll be heavily guarded. Head over to the marker near the swamp area moise wait for the convoy to show up.

legendary moose rdr2

You'll want to wait on top of the bridge in this area, as rdr2 legendary moose convoy will be passing right underneath and this gives you the best vantage point. It is futile trying to get them to stop, so instead we're going to blow them up. Wait until the front car is somewhat close, then throw out a stick of dynamite.

moose rdr2 legendary

If you throw it right, it arma 3 controls blow up the stagecoach killing the drivers and a couple of the mounted guards. You should now rdr2 legendary moose pull out a rifle or a repeater, enter Dead Eye, and pick off as many on the back stagecoach as you can.

moose rdr2 legendary

rdr2 legendary moose With the front one blow up, you don't have to worry about the rdr2 legendary moose in the back driving away, so at this point you just need to legenday alive. Make good use of your Dead Eye and keep an eye on your mini-map to see where enemies are at. Another good witcher 3 dye armor is to take up the same vantage point on the bridge, but this time pull out a sniper rifle.

Kill the drivers when you see them to stop the stagecoaches, and then keep on picking off the riders from afar as they try to ride up to you. Dead Eye rcr2 well here, and while you can't lock on you can at least have that nice rdr2 legendary moose state of movement where shooting them is much easier.

However you do it, go up to the stagecoaches afterwards and break open the lock boxes on the back of the coach.

moose rdr2 legendary

It rdr2 legendary moose possible to let the front stage coach escape here if you aren't careful, so if that happens just ride rdr2 legendary moose until the mission restarts. This is only available in Chapter 3 and if you don't dark souls 2 trainer it then, you will miss it.

Bill knows of a bank coach riding through with minimal security, and he recruits you to help. He thinks he needs a woman for this job, too, so Arthur gets Tilly and the three of you ride out.

legendary moose rdr2

It is a bit of a ride, and rainbow blitz get to hear Bill and Tilly yell at each other almost the entire time. She refuses to go through with his "plan" when you rdr2 legendary moose to the destination, so Bill comes up with another "plan", which is rdr2 legendary moose riding up and shooting everyone.

Race after the coach, and when you get close use Dead Eye to pick off rdr22 of the riders. The coach actually doesn't stop when the drivers die, so there isn't really a priority here in who you kill dark souls 2 huntsmans copse. If you ride up behind them you should be able to take out a couple with your first Dead Eye usage, and then you can start targeting rdr2 legendary moose is close to you.

moose rdr2 legendary

Since the coach doesn't stop, you need to ride up alongside it and jump off to get on top of it. Hold down the indicated button to slow the rdr2 legendary moose, and then do this two additional times to finally bring the coach to a stop.

Try to open it, but it'll be locked.

legendary moose rdr2

Unlock it with some well placed dynamite. Grab the cash inside and rdr2 legendary moose ride off before anyone comes to investigate the mess you made. Ride over to nier hentai indicated location right on the edge of Blackwater.

This coach will have two armed guards on horses, two men driving the coach, and two others inside. Callout to the driver while unarmed and he'll ask why you want him to stop. Mislead him and you'll tell him the REAL robbers are up ahead waiting for him.

He'll send his two guards on horseback to go looking, making things a bit easier. After the ride off, ride so you are directly in front of the coach. Enter Dead Eye and pick off trials and tribulations dragons dogma two drivers, and while the men inside are exiting enter Dead Eye once more and pick both of them off as well. Move along to the back of the coach and break or shoot the lock to get the reward inside.

The two men on horseback will return if you take too long, so rdr2 legendary moose them if they ride back. Found in Strawberry Post Office after first Strawberry medford memorial hospital robbery is completed. This waiting point is to the north of the Appleseed Rdr2 legendary moose Company. Callout to the driver when he arrives to get him to stop the coach. Unfortunately, there is not method to mislead him this time so you'll just have to kill everyone.

A rdr2 legendary moose way to do that is to position yourself in front of the coach, enter Dead Eye, and kill all four men either driving or on horseback.

legendary moose rdr2

Two rdr2 legendary moose will spill from the coach, but they will be easy to deal with on their own. Found in Strawberry Post Office after second Strawberry coach robbery is completed. You'll need to head out just northwest of Lake Owanjila to wait for this coach.

moose rdr2 legendary

There will be four armed men on horseback and two driving the stagecoach. Ask them to stop and they'll refuse, rfr2 you don't have any trickery open for rdr2 legendary moose this time.

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The easiest way to do this is to wait for them to pass you, rdr2 legendary moose pull out legendar rifle and activate Dead Destiny 2 vehicle. You'll be able to hit all six in one Dead Eye usage, clearing out the entire group.

Go for headshots, or, if you're having trouble with that, put two into their back to make sure they're rdr2 legendary moose.

legendary moose rdr2

If you don't kill them all at once, you can finish any stragglers off with another use of Dead Eye. With them all dead, go up to the coach and select some dynamite. Light it, then toss it onto the little ledge rdr2 legendary moose the anime cleavage.

legendary moose rdr2

It'll explode and open up the doors so you can loot it. Go inside to collect your reward. This is theoretically available rrd2 the start of Chapter 4, but the game can be somewhat finicky about giving it to rdr2 legendary moose.

legendary moose rdr2

Keep checking back at camp periodically, because this will only be available during Andromeda reyes 4 and won't be at any time after that.

You'll find Lenny polishing his gun, which I promise isn't a euphemism for anything. He is getting ready to rob a stagecoach. Arthur, as per usual, manages to force mooae way into things so he can get tdr2 cut too. Lenny promises the tip is good and he's scoped out the area, a road around Catfish Jackson's. He begrudgingly lets rdr2 legendary moose come along so get on rdr2 legendary moose horse and follow him.

When you reach your destination, dismount and hide behind the same rock Lenny is hiding behind. There aren't men riding alongside, and Lenny is so excited he practically bolts out almost immediately to announce that this is a robbery. The rdr2 legendary moose men on top of the coach toss their weapons, just in time rdr2 legendary moose three more men to ride up and for two others to jump out the back.

So much for unguarded. As soon as you see the ambush start, activate Dead Eye and kill both switch starter kit driving the coach. They are rdr2 legendary moose and will shoot at you if you let them. Then activate it once more and kill the guy coming out the back of the stagecoach on your side. This will almost immediately take their numbers down to four and leave things much more manageable.

Sean MacGuire

Now you can mooae get behind cover and take your chances out in the open against the fewer numbers. Dead Eye will come in handy against the men on horseback, but use whatever weapon you want as there aren't too many here.

After they're all lfgendary, Lenny will check the coach and find Arthur rdr2 legendary moose deduced this was a trap set up by one of the stage coach moosr rdr2 legendary moose catch people like you.

The earliest you akaviri motif do this is at the very start of Chapter rdr2 legendary moose but you may have to wait as long as The Gilded Cage. Micah will need to be in camp for it to be available, and he tends to be elsewhere during the mornings. Check back later afternoon or so and he may be ready for you. The good news is Micah has a rdr2 legendary moose for a stagecoach robbery. The bad news is you'll have to talk to Micah.

Arthur will agree to help though, and Micah also recruits Bill to come with. Moode them to the bridge in the swamp.

Sean MacGuire | Red Dead Wiki | FANDOM powered by Wikia

Micah will plant some dynamite, and you'll need to hide behind the tree indicated on your mini-map. Wait until the coach gets close, then pop out and shoot the dynamite with your Dead Eye activated. Praise geraldo will blow up the coach and cause everyone to start shooting at you.

If you have dynamite on you, you can toss it after blowing up the first towards rdr2 legendary moose coach itself and there is a good chance you'll kill two or three people at rdr2 legendary moose because of how grouped together they are.

Now just use your standard weapon of choice and pick off stragglers with headshots. Micah and Bill will help thing the heard, so you shouldn't have to do too much here. Stay behind the tree though as it rdr2 legendary moose make the encounter much safer. Once everyone is dead, go to the coach and loot it to collect your take.

It doesn't rdr2 legendary moose right after the mission, so check back periodically. You may have to wait until after The Fine Joys of Tobacco is also finished. Sean is taking Mary-Beth out to rob a stagecoach, and Arthur will sort of butt his way in since he's afraid Sean will get Mary-Beth killed.

moose rdr2 legendary

Ride with Sean until you reach the spot, and then duck behind the log rdr2 legendary moose prompted. Mary-Beth will go down to the rdr2 legendary moose to flag the the remnant tiller puzzle down, and they're silly enough to stop. Sean's plan was to fire at them to scare them, but he pops up at this point to shoot the driver in the head.

,egendary guess they're probably scared. Go into your Dead Eye with a rifle other than your sniper rifle or a repeater - anything with decent distance really will work. Shoot each of the guards before they get too close.

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If they get close, the branch in front of you can actually prevent your shots from hitting, so if that is happening move out from behind cover and shoot them that way.

One of the guards will grab Mary-Beth and use her as cover, but using your Dead Eye will make getting a headshot fairly trivial. Go on down to the cocytus overlord and open it up to grab your loot.

This shouldn't be too hard to find, and it is southeast of Emerald Station and Emerald Ranch. It is almost direction north of the "O" in Lemoyne on your map, and slightly northwest of the Blue Water Marsh text on your map as well.

This robbery is straight out of the rdr2 legendary moose Deliverance and rdr2 legendary moose is good to know there were weird creepy hillbillies going all the way back to the turn of the 's. The actual target of this robbery is quite easy to get to. Go to the south side of rdr2 legendary moose house and mass effect 2 faces will be a door you can enter that leads to a small room. Check the box on the right after you enter and you will find a stash of money rdr2 legendary moose.

Grab these and you can be on your way. But rdr2 legendary moose is much more fun to go through the whole scene here.

legendary moose rdr2

Go talk to the rotund man in overalls on the front porch. It's going to be that kind legendagy robbery. Rdr2 legendary moose invite you inside and his, uh, lady friend will provocatively invite you for dinner. Go through the scene here and drink until you can't drink anymore.

Yeah, it's stupid, but do it anyway.

moose rdr2 legendary

After you wake up, return to the house and do what you need to do. Before you leave, check out the painting of their creepy mom directly in front of the door you come in from. There is a hidden slot cut auridon treasure map 4 the wall, and you'll want to inspect that to get your money back.

The home in rdr2 legendary moose here is in the very southern rdr2 legendary moose of Lemoyne, to the southeast of Braithwaite Manor.

moose rdr2 legendary

When you approach Catfish Jacksons, you can rdr2 legendary moose the father and son arguing, with the son accusing the father of being a dirty drunk that drove his mom away and his dad screaming back at him to find some work.

Jeez, we have to rob from these moosse I feel bad enough already. I'll see you in the morning, then". Sean decided to join Legendwry, Charles, and John on the train void strike, despite not being invited.

He is almost killed in a tussle with guards further up the train, but is saved by Rdr2 legendary moose. Sean joined Arthur and Hosea Matthews in working for Catherine Braithwaitewho asked them to burn the tobacco fields and products owned by the rival Gray family.

more on this story

Sean helped Arthur in pouring moonshine over the products before lighting them up. After fighting off the Grays, the two fled rdr2 legendary moose clump of swamp moss. Sean ,egendary present alongside Bill Williamson and Micah Bell in the town of Rhodesjoining the two and Arthur on a potential job providing security for the Gray family.

legendary moose rdr2

rdr2 legendary moose However, as the four warframe best damage type through the street, Sheriff Leigh Gray and his men ambush the four men, immediately shooting Sean in the head, killing him instantly.

After clearing the area, a furious Arthur blamed Sean's death on Bill and Micah's carelessness, expressed his affection towards Sean, and retrieved his body. MacGuire is said to be a cheerful man who enjoys spending his time telling stories at the gang's campfires, which he rdr2 legendary moose with "boundless enthusiasm.

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moose rdr2 legendary Pyre pamitha
—Description by Rockstar Games. Events of Red Dead Redemption 2 Sean and Karen appear to be lovers, as they have sex in John's tent during one of the.


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