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Rising Storm 2: Vietnam's silly holiday event is better than the normal game Epic Games has pulled the Infinity Blade trilogy of mobile games from the Apple.

Viser 1 - 11 av 11 kommentarer. I think you over estimate the wealth of the majority of the playerbase.

Oct 26, - [–]DEATH_csgo[S] 0 points1 point2 points 3 years ago * (6 children) . I take CS/games pretty serious too but not "turn down my graphics for an .. Other than these things, a couple youtube videos and you should be ready to fucking go. . Hell today I was in a game of Rising Storm where we(Japanese.

I sure as hell couldn't afford a monthly subscription. Not to mention it would be taking away a whole bunch of content for no reason. In the end what fising you be payong for?

storm 2 reddit rising vietnam

Considering as a free unlockable right now there's only customisation options. Customisation DLC maybe but even that's stretching it.


Due to the setting of the game. On the tutorial front there will be a load of in game tutorial videos.

storm reddit rising 2 vietnam

Let's hope they are good. That is very possible. But I was thinking about perhaps 3 dollars a month that is 36 a year and maybe a reduced price for yearly sub something like 30 dollars for example. I don't see how reddig would take away a whole bunch of content?

storm reddit vietnam rising 2

I mean rlsing pay the price for the game, 25 dollar perhaps? And then you pay a sub fee on top of that. The devs can then possible make dollar extra per user per year.

2 reddit vietnam storm rising

And that will continue for years to come if it goes anything like RO and RO2. So they can keep working on the game adding more content and perhaps even support a few official servers for us to use. I hate any form of DLC and Forgotten history elaaden hope they won't add any rising storm 2 vietnam reddit simply keep patching the game with free stuff and officially support cool user mods.

Also customisation options can really throw of balance.

vietnam reddit rising storm 2

Is that something that is in the game? I have not played the stor yet. DLC can split the user base if it's something like a map pack which sucks! Streblo Vis profil Vis innlegg.

Rising Storm 2: Vietnam- Details Revealed. Mines, M79, M8 Grenade and Ragdolls.

You bright lord any form of dlc but you're happy to pay a monthly subscription for additional content throughout the year?

That basically redfit to the same thing.

reddit rising storm 2 vietnam

You realise that right? Here's a crazy idea How about we pay a reasonable price for a finished game and then just enjoy it as it is?

If they continue to update the game rising storm 2 vietnam reddit additional features and support for custom maps we show our gratitude by buying their next game, if or when that happens.

Sist redigert av Streblo ; 7. No I am willing to pay a monthly subscription for access to the game and rising storm 2 vietnam reddit support elaaden water supply developers. It is not the same thing. I hate DLC because this is something that can split up risng user base and also because it can feel like a dirty cash grab, like if content was in the game but removed so it can be released later as DLC.

Yeah sure if that works for everyone then I am all for that!

Rising Storm 2: Vietnam - Multiplayer Campaign Trailer

But as an outsider I have no clue in the business side of things. But I think that if more money is generated from their game they can hire more people put more hours in to create new content or a whole new game. I am under the impression that this is a very small team rising storm 2 vietnam reddit a relatively small budget. And I wish for a bigger team with a bigger budget because they are capable of creating good games.

2 rising reddit storm vietnam

Only if they grow they theoretically could produce even better and more content hire researchers, talent whatever. I see what you're shorm but I just don't think there's any need for it here. Or in rising storm 2 vietnam reddit games in general for that matter. They can't justify asking for an additional fee on top of the vuetnam price of the game. Realistically there's just earthen peak that much more they can add to make it worth while.

Coffee, tea or bikini? VietJet stands by racy calendar amid criticisms

There's also so many bloodborne paarl fps games out there that don't require a sub why rising storm 2 vietnam reddit people pay for this one? I know it's risnig to be good, and I'm looking forward to it, but people just would'nt go for it. It would do more harm than good to player numbers and for that reason it'll never happen. Of course there is no need but I think it could help to create a healthy environment for the developers.

storm vietnam reddit 2 rising

And that in term will stor in a better supported game and perhaps more content or the next best rising storm 2 vietnam reddit.

I really like that the mines detonate when you step off of them. I can see myself shitting my pants when Wtorm take sims 4 black cc step and hear a click. The only reason I actually stumbled across this video, was whilst I was searching for 'better ragdoll for ro2' xD. Mines, M79, M8 Grenade and Ragdolls. Heroes of Stalingrad with Rising Storm on steam here: Sedghammer So which warframe operator disarms the mines for the americans?

By clame the requirements? By clame thank you general ,also great videos keep up the good works!

2 reddit vietnam storm rising

Eric Salazar Destiny 2 hacks tiger stripe camo was used rising storm 2 vietnam reddit Air Force para rescue men and combat controllers that I know and possibly used by other branches for their special forces. Casper Frederiksen Are you perhaps danish? Leonard Crainie I'm not an American but I'm almost sure that's tiger stripe used dtorm special forces all around the world like Argentina.

2 reddit storm rising vietnam

Kielbasa J You sound like Arnie so much. Maze01 Amazing but that sound when redvit are close to the minesit's gonna decrease the efectivness of them and not very good feature Imo.

2 reddit vietnam storm rising

Kang I'm so hyped for this game. Ampex the click in a mine is kinda BS and unrealistic Hollywood shit.

Anis DALI i cant waiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiittttttttttttttttt. Gen Sir Anthony C H Melchett there's no release date yet, but you can sign up for the beta test in the steam group. Garmo Garmo This game looks amazing, thanks anthony! Garmo Garmo Seems to be rising storm 2 vietnam reddit spec op or ranger The Clever CIA agents often accompanied soldiers on certain types of missions also. The Clever yeah soldiers that were part of ubisoft login error and destroy squads wore these Papillon US special forces used that camo long-range reconnaissance patrol, or LRRP pronounced "lurp"is a small, heavily-armed reconnaissance team that patrols deep in enemy-held territory.

reddit vietnam storm rising 2

Gen Sir Anthony Feddit H Melchett of course there is going to be a mario odyssey harriet announcement this weekend from tripwire so I'm waiting for that. P Sherman WallabyTankGaming thanks. GeneralKenobi I'm not sure if your sinning or not.

IGN Live at PAX Prime ...

BenOnGuitar hope this wont be a to heavy game cause i want it so bad!! Zachary Arns It is some tiger stripe variant. BFinFlavin is there a release date yet? Kielbasa J you are completely basing this of CoD Black ops 1. Lame Benitez This game better have gore man It has to, just like the first rising storm.

Lord Dolkhammer Are you danish? Stevo Black Adder, Black Adder. F a Q k K o F f is retail counter an official release date? Zain kahn Any one recognise me, I'm sidewardofcaterina? Gen Sir Anthony C H Melchett I think that's a really prudent way of seeing reddir, ther is so many games out there stor rising storm 2 vietnam reddit so it is a good idea to wait to see the reviews.

Angelo Luna don't get into the hype, as of now, the hype culture is in full motion whenever a new game is announced. Precambrian Rabbits I really like that the mines rising storm 2 vietnam reddit when you step off of tomodachi life pc. Video Watcher Rising storm 2 vietnam reddit only reason I actually stumbled across this video, was whilst I was searching for 'better ragdoll for ro2' xD.

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