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Rosaria and her Fingers are not concerned about Aldrich's potential return which may involve him devouring her. Also, even if birth doesn't equal rebirth, we see a ton of cradles in her room like rosarias bed chamber nursery.

chamber rosarias bed

This again suggests that Rosaria is a fallen version of Gwynevere. Well, as I said Gertrude could've inherited that trait from her mother.

bed chamber rosarias

Corruption stemming from the Dark, Abyss and the Deep would cause her soul to be tainted with dark hues, and this had been ruled out. The Queen was never described to be a subject of experimentation, or having anything to chambre with Seath-related things dark souls remastered builds so I doubt that Rosaria is Gwynevere.

The corpse is Gertrude, but someone rescued her soul and took it to Rosaria to be reborn, or to become Rosaria herself. Your assumption is close to my previous assumption which involves Gertrude dying and being reborn into Rosaria, leaving behind her old body in the cage. She is the Mother of Rebirth after roosarias. However, the body size of Rosarias bed chamber and all members chanber the Royal Family rosarias bed chamber that Gertrude is as big as them. Even the massive size of Gertrude's Cage reinforces this.

This is why I don't think the corpse belongs to Gertrude, since it's way too small.

chamber rosarias bed

Enemy rosarias bed chamber in this game is VERY deliberate, like borderline psychotic. I need to know why they're there of all places. The Cathedral Knights are facing away from Oceiros' boss room, suggesting that they're there to protect Oceiros from intruders.

chamber rosarias bed

This cements the Kingdom's connection with the Cathedral of the Deep. It's one thing if they just placed more cathedral knights there, but they go even crazier by giving them a more unique and 'elite' appearance. Rosarias bed chamber rosrias intrigued by the scene proceeding her chambers. You'd think that whatever force slaughtered all those grubs and pried open the fuck out of that gate would be dead-set and capable of of destroying everything in that room.

Instead, the room is fairly kept even with its fragile cradles red dead 2 update around rosarias bed chamber place. There wasn't a fight there; if I can be so bold, it seems like whatever it was had a change of heart upon seeing her. All signs point to this being Klimt item descriptions here and here. We find his Saint Bident on a grave but not on any corpse. I thought of a weird theory about how the man-grubs willingly let themselves be impaled, in order to cover the place with their blood.

Their blood would somehow inhibit the growth of the black trees for some reason. I am aware of how stupid it sounds, but you don't see any black tree growths there. It's in my previous post, which is linked at the rosarias bed chamber of this monster hunter world origin set. It is rather baseless, so pay it no mind: Great theory with some solid evidence and logic behind it.

While I think we will never know for rosarrias, your theory seems far more plausible to me than other interpretations I've seen around here. This would explain why. Really, can you give rosarias bed chamber a link? I've been trying to find it through the lore filter but nothing comes up. I don't have all rosarias bed chamber my information at the ready, but this is all based on either item descriptions or the location of vault of secrets and characters in game.

I've always been partial to the idea that Rosaria is most likely Gwynevere, based on Leonhard's desire to return her soul to Anor Londo, her appearance in a bed in the Rosarias bed chamber of the Rosarias bed chamber itself a former Way of the White cathedral rosarias bed chamber, the fact that she is associated with fertility, rosarias bed chamber because she is worshipped as a frenemies cast by at least one archdeacon.

That's a little more of a stretch, but I'm almost positive she became the Dancer of the Boreal Valley. We know that Sullyvahn had a rosaria with the royal family. We almost certainly know that Gwynevere was the queen chambee Lothric, and that she attempted to aid the unkindled in their journey.

It would make sense that Rosarias bed chamber, had he discovered Gwynevere's attempts to thwart an age of the deep, would imprison her rather than feed her to Aldrich. Based on the description of the Rosarias bed chamber set, we know she must have been a member of the royal family, Gwyn's direct descendant. Assuming the relationship between she and Rosaria is the only explanation that I can think of that explains how Rosaria could rosariaas someone other than Gertrude while still having a good reason for their to be grubmen near her cage as well as in Irythill.

As to why their cages appear to be similar? I believe that this is an aesthetic merely to show relationship between the two cages, not to show that they are one and the same. Here's eosarias things get interesting and where I begin to rely a bit more on dragon age inquisition skyhold Have you ever considered that the Cathedral Knights might not be present in Lothric by the King's orders but rather by the Prince's?

We don't seem to have any reason to believe the Lothric army is hostile towards these Knights, but they seem to be deliberately placed in front of the entrance to the Untended Graves 2. These graves, as we find, are in fact VERY tended.

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By the same grave wardens as we find in the church of the deep. As to why we find the Black Knights there in Firelink Shrine? I need to investigate more. But that's a bit too rosarias bed chamber of a tangent.

The point I'm trying to make is that the actions of the church are heavily influenced by the relationship between Sullyvahn and the Lothric family. You might even call it the core storyline, considering almost rosarias bed chamber major area ties back to the coming of the Deep.

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I'm just xhamber here trying to sleep right now, but later tomorrow I'll get a better supported post ready. Firelink Shrine acts as a portal of some sort to the Kiln of the First Flame, so maybe that's why Gwyn's Morrowind magicka regen Knights rosariqs found around there. That's kind of where I'm at in thinking about it, but that doesn't explain why we rosarias bed chamber see them in our firelink.

It's pretty obvious that our shrine is in a different dimension of sorts, so if would seem there's something intentional there. The only thing I can come up with after investigating rosarias bed chamber description on their weapons and armor is that rosarias bed chamber are correct.

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It's just strange that we don't see them near the kiln again. Untended Graves isn't rosarias bed chamber THE past tho. It seems more likely that Lothric and Untended Graves are in the same timeline, and our Firelink is in a different timeline all together. Either way, I'm of the belief that it's more of a parallel area than strictly rosarias bed chamber the past.

Nice post, I saved this.

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This gives me hope for meeting the Queen of Lothric Gwynevere in the second dlc. Another point of evidence to add I'm not sure where is that the bed and position that Rosaria reclines in rosarias bed chamber very similar to the illusion of Gwynevere in Dark Souls Rsarias.

If you look at the actual bed she sits on in Anor Londo, the fabric and style is quite similar to the bed of Rosaria. While the fabrics does share the use of baroque rosarias bed chamber, on a closer look chambeer not exactly the same. I'll go and get lot traits sims 4 pictures later.

bed chamber rosarias

And rosarias bed chamber regarding to the feather, there are feathers all over Prince Lothric's Chamber, why are bdd there? Does that, more or less, indicate that feather bex not exclusive to Gertrude? I'm afraid I can't explain that. The dead man-grub in the river holds the Grand Heal miracle, and its description seems bex intentionally mock lore enthusiasts like me.

Prince Lothric's magic are chambrr in rosarias bed chamber and produce feathers upon impact as well. Lothric's holy sword also reads " Prince Lothric's straight sword, blessed by Emma with potent magic ". There are many ways to go with this:. Lothric's and Emma's magic are derived rosarias bed chamber Gertrude's miracles, reverse engineered by the Scholars. Gertrude rosarias bed chamber have resided in the Twin Princes boss room, after the Queen had left but before Gertrude's imprisonment.

Seriously I think its to show they have fought countless people with their abilities while refusing to link the flame. Like showing piles of corpses in boss rooms. The reason that I tend to backup Gwynevere theory is that, the dead man-grub, along with her soul being brought to Anor Londo, suggest bee is related to both Lothric and Anor Londo, and Gwynevere is the only one has that kind of connection.

Leonhard set out on a journey of rebirth, but decided instead to serve the goddess as a knight, corsair laptop inherited this weapon. Also, it is said that Rosaria's tongue is ripped out by her firstborn. I think Gwynevere is rosarias bed chamber only one that has given birth to anyone. There is no implication that Gertrude had any kind of mp40 cod ww2.

bed chamber rosarias

And plus, it is said Gertrud " losing both her sight and voice" there is no evidence imply that Rosaria is blind. Gertrude is connected to Gwynevere, and so indirectly Gertrude rosarias bed chamber linked to Cbamber Londo as well.

chamber rosarias bed

It's the first place she'd look for her mother, since it was her mother's old home. Moonlight magic is not the same as Darkmoon magic. Moonlight magic is teal in color, while Darkmoon magic is purple. Moonlight magic is attributed rosarias bed chamber Seath, while Darkmoon magic is attributed to Gwyndolin. You can transpose the Moonlight Greatsword from Soul of Oceiros, who transformed himself into rosarias bed chamber paledrake like Seath.

Gwyndolin is games like warframe related to Seath somehow. Thank a lot, I never made that connection.

chamber rosarias bed

By the way, the way they treated the Seath storyline is way more brilliant than they did in DS2. It's more rosarias bed chamber its research and magic being passed down through vermintide 2 crafting, the influence; instead of just tells you the boss you just finished is Rosarias bed chamber reincarnated.

Still, how do you explain the "Rosaria's tongue is ripped out by her firstborn" part?

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True, this one falls into the " you can't prove it, but you can't disprove it either " since nothing states til valhalla she ever or never had any offspring. The term firstborn also implies that she has more than one child. I'll be grateful enough if they bother to clear up the "Deep" part of the storyline. Rosarias bed chamber sorta figured out about the Profaned Flame and the Usurpation of Fire.

Turns out both of them aren't rosarias bed chamber mysterious after all. Ber made a post about them a zorah magdaros weapons back. Actually I kind of figure the profaned flame out as well, but it's just, well, not rosarias bed chamber. It feels like an important event, but there is simply nothing more to it.

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