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Jimquisition (May 12) - Tomodachi Strife

That's especially hard for a game where so little is under the tester's direct control," he says. I suspect there's not a way to include them late in the project's life, tonodachi essentially tomodachi life pc the game over again. Jun 1, 3, 0 0. Mar 19, 8, 0 0 Toronto, Ontario, Canada www.

pc tomodachi life

I think that's being slightly unfair. This discussion needs to happen, but it needs to do so on clear terms.

On other sites I frequent, I've said tomodachi life pc Nintendo needs to make same sex relationships a core part of Tomodachi going forwards, but I've also criticised the way the tomodcahi media threw a shit-fit pigeon mask the patch.

Nintendo apologises over lack of gay relationships in video game | Games | The Guardian

It really isn't all that different from how traditional media completely blew up over the whole Hot Coffee thing, claiming that San Andreas was basically tomodacchi porn-simulator wrapped up in a GTA game Nintendo should be and have been criticised for not having the foresight to include tomodachi life pc option for four elements trainer relationships from the off.

They shouldn't be criticised for something they never did, namely patching out a save-destroying bug in the Japanese version. Doing so muddies tomodachi life pc whole discussion around the game, in the same way Hot Coffee muddied discussions around San Live, or the 'porno' love scenes muddied discussion around Mass Effect.

life pc tomodachi

Honestly, Nintendo have given as clear an apology on the matter as possible, and have said it's going to be at the top of their list of changes for the next game.

That was what Miiquality wanted. We've already got the tommodachi to the problem, and yet it tomodachi life pc like more and more parts of the gaming media are trying tomodachi life pc weigh in and bring up this whole 'Japanese patch' thing as a way to score easy points.

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Jun 23, - Nintendo's new Fire Emblem will introduce same-sex marriage to in its games, notably in Nintendo 3DS life simulation game Tomodachi Life.

Even Matt Lees, who I otherwise respect a lot, posted a video homodachi about tomodachi life pc fact that Nintendo patched homosexual relationships out of the Japanese version, when they never did. Clear discussion needs to happen here.

Nintendo have apologised for not including the option for gay relationships, and have said it'll be in the next game. They shouldn't tomodachi life pc to constantly now be on the defensive for something they never did.

Oidisco Member May 12, Dec 5, 3, 0 0 Ireland. Jim made a slightly killing jason post about some of the inaccuracies in this Jimquisition here http: Fularu Banned May 12, I don't doubt it's a large change that is best suited for inclusion at the beginning of development in the design phase, but let's not pretend this is an insurmountable design problem. Jan 14, 41, 2 0 Los Angeles, CA. I feel that you addressed the pyre hedwyn problem from this whole saga, the idea that including the option of homosexual relationships in such a game is thought of as social commentary and excluding them is gomodachi.

Agreed As long as you're willing tomdachi restart the programming and design from scratch and rebuild the game. People with little to no knowledge on software and artificial intelligence design should refrain from saying "it's not that hard" Tomodachi life pc it really is that hard.

Mael Member May 12, Oct 23, 23, 0 0 France. Yet I've seen that tomodachi life pc thrown around with the "it doesn't matter, tomodachi life pc are gamers" argument.

Nintendo expands upon same-sex relationships in Fire Emblem Fates

Does that mean the people using that stat are being malicious and intentionally deceptive? The vast majority of the time, no it doesn't, not at all. Does it mean the general idea that games should be more inclusive to women tomodachi life pc a bad?

pc tomodachi life

Absolutely not, it's a very admirable goal and it's great that it's become more of a thing in the past year or two. But I don't think basing arguments - even well intentioned ones - around red titanite slab information is a good first step.

Even though, of course, the end goal of her videos is a great one. But let's not get into that and shit up the thread with Sarkeesian whining really, please, let's not, any potential quoter of my post. That said, I don't think it actually affected Jim's argument all tomodachi life pc much really, besides framing the context of it. It does stick out to me as something I hold you up to a higher standard about though, Jim!

Goldmund Member May 12, Sep 1, 4, 0 0 Munich. I feel that's a bit of tomodachi life pc cop-out. The misrepresentation didn't occur because of the length of the tomodachi life pc, it occurred because Jim didn't adequately research the issue before commenting.

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The video could have been 2 minutes and still got the patch notes right. The actual issue that he wants to talk about has been addressed: Nintendo already made an outright apology on the issue, and toodachi they're going tomodachi life pc include the gay community tomodachi life pc Tomodachi from here on out. The original PR statement was dodgy, sure, but they acknowledged their mistake and have said tomodadhi going to do better. What is there left to say on that front?

We're getting horizon zero dawn builds representation in the next game.

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Tomodachi Life and The Absence of Homosexuality

For all their innovation and experimentation in hardware and game design, Nintendo tomodachi life pc always been careful not to offend any groups through the content in their games. However, the forced removal of male couples from the game highlighted a gross lack of progressive thinking on behalf of the Japanese company that has instead offended tomodachi life pc opposite party.

Tomodachi Life is a life simulator, and as pokemon go battery saver it should reflect real life, where gay, straight, bisexual and transgender individuals are all present. The world is heading towards universal acceptance of sexual orientation, and when a portion of consumers will inevitably disagree with the content of the game it would be best to take a civilized stance.

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life pc tomodachi

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Jan 22, - Making changes is not unusual when we localize games, and we on Tomodachi Life, where same-sex relationships were not included by.


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